14 May 2012

NBC's fall drama 'Chicago Fire'

For Chicagoians, there is a professional soccer team called The Chicago Fire. Hope no one gets confused.

That being said, this format has been done before, and has succeed poorly for various reasons. It looks like two broadcast network shows coming this fall will be filmed in my home town, this and FOX's Mob Doctor, which is cool. I sort of wish ABC's Happy Endings would film more location work there -or, obviously, film there completely- because the city gives great face. Showtimes Shameless films in the city as well, and uses great locations (some that don't always show up in movies and TV shows that film there).

I hope Chicago Fire can succeed. It's tried and true format, but for some reasons, it never lives up to the ambitions of its pilot -which, ironically, happens a lot as the shows go into weekly production. CBS' recently cancelled drama A Gifted Man is a perfect example of show that never was able to capitalize on its origins,

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