30 June 2012

Half-a-year gone

I guess, in some ways, the not having a job thingy worked out for my getting caught up on reading. As June ends, with 6 months of 2012 gone, I've completed 23 books totaling 10, 775 pages. 

As compared to last year, where I read 32 books all year -with a good chunk read between the time Borders closed in mid September, however- by the time June ended in 2011 ( and I completed The Passage on July 02) I had finished just eleven books. 

Of course, all of these books were fiction, which takes me quicker to read than non-fiction. And at the rate I'm going, I may end up breaking out some of those titles. Of course, I want a job, but while the actual looking has become even more difficult -there is not much out there that will pay a "liveable" wage (unless I want three jobs)- reading has helped me through the dull days.

So, as the second half of 2012 begins tomorrow, I wonder how many books I will complete between July 1 and December 31. As noted, last year was a personal best in a long time, getting through 32 novels. If I just double it, that would mean forty-six. But we'll see.

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Loki's Log said...

Great job man! Are you doing a reading challenge or is this just a personal tracking sort fo thing? Very impressed!