09 January 2011

From Scott, over at Bill in Exile

I said right here on these pages months and months ago that the eliminationist rhetoric and violent speech used by clowns like Palin and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh were going to result in provoking one of the pig people in their audience into shooting someone.

And don’t you dare for one second fall for the media’s false equivalency that “both sides do it.”

Nobody on the fucking Left is ever talking about taking back our country through “Second Amendment remedies” as republican Senate candidate Sharon Angle did.

And we’re not attending presidential townhalls armed with pistols and assault rifles.

Or calling as Glenn Beck repeatedly has that we need a second American Revolution or his repeated use of violent rhetoric aimed at political figures like the president and Nancy Pelosi.

When the American Left isn’t happy with what happens in our country we try to fix it during the next electoral cycle by voting.

When the Right doesn’t like what happens politically they try to fix it to their satisfaction by calling for violence or “revolution”.

That kind of disgraceful shit is owned solely and exclusively by the right and anything bad that comes from it is theirs to fucking choke on.


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