21 February 2012

Judas Kiss: Behind the Scenes

Beyond the extensive filming in the Guggenhiem Hall on the campus of Washington University, the Judas Kiss production also used the William H. Gates Hall, which is the campus area for law, for many inside and outside scenes. One of the great things about filming on location is that sometimes you stumble upon some great architecture to film next too, and when scouting the campus, the production team realized that these domes could be magical. The domes are skylights that are located above the law library, which is in the lower levels of the Hall. While they look impressive during the day, it was at night that they became awesome. Director J.T. Tepnapa, along with DP David Berry, used these glass towers to their advantage, giving those night shoots a mysterious glow for Danny and his confrontation with his Dad as well as the realization that Zachary Wells and him are at some junction between time and space.

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