29 February 2008

One Hit Wonder Friday: Michael Penn - No Myth

I loved this song, still do. I think Mr. Penn is under appreciated. He's had some minor success, but this was his one and only hit.

Lost 4.05 -The Constant

After last night’s Lost episode, my theory that the Island ran a different timeline than the real world was blown out of the water. Yet, time is at the center of this show’s mythology. So, in saying that, I’m not sure this is a continuity issue or not, but before Desmond and Sayid took off in the helicopter with Frank, Jack tells Frank -in The Economist episode- that they’ve now been on the Island for 100 days, putting them in January 2005., but in The Constant, the calendar on the wall says its Christmas Eve, 2004.

Maybe the Island is out of temporal sync with the real world, but instead of years, its only days. Still does not explain how the growth of actor Malcolm David Kelly’s Walt is going to be promulgated, as Walt appears to be central to the existence of the Island. Still, as my house mate ruminated on, its possible Kelly will not be back, because Walt is, in reality, Jacob. Thus, they can just recast with a different actor.

And I’m more convinced than ever -and I’ll admit that its fairly obvious - that Ben’s “man” on the freighter is none other than Michael, which just opens another can of craziness.

Anyways, The Constant was a brilliant episode, and perhaps the best of the show. While I think Jeremy Davies still needs to put on some weight - without the beard, he sure would look more anorexic - he shines in this episode, marking him the best new character. His addled performance, from its beginning in 1996 to 2004, is sure a reason to say he’s the most interesting character to join the series. He seems, in my opinion, to be one of the many lynch pins holding the Island together -along with Desmond and Walt. Faraday knows more about what’s going on than anyone, with exception maybe, of Ben.

There was some nice touches, including the sweet phone call reunion of Des and Penny, and the reason why Desmond was in military prison seen back in season 2.

Still, not a lot of answers and more questions -like how Widmore’s purchase of the journal from the Black Rock in 1996 plays into all of this -but I’ll keep watching.

It’s my constant.

25 February 2008

Random hotness

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend, one full of joy and honor and one filled with a little distrust and a growing sense that I may have to exit a fan series I simply still enjoy doing. Well, to a certain point.

Anyways, on Saturday I went to a buddhist memorial at Wat Thai (Los Angeles), located in North Hollywood. It was given for the mother of my friend JT, who passed in January. Of course, I knew nothing of what the monk said about JT's mother, but I was honored to be part of what was his mother's near final journey -her ashes have yet to be spread.

In what I hope was a big surprise to JT's family, especially his dad who still has issues with his gay son, that JT has huge group of friends. I would say more than 20 people -mostly people associated with Hidden Frontier - where there to support JT. Of course, there was Adam's parents (JT's boyfriend) but the majority was HF people.

Later, we had lunch with the monks. Well, they had lunch first, then us. All in all, I was very proud of JT and it made me happy that we could be here for him.

I spent the rest of the day with JT, going back to his place with Adam and Carlos, who's still working on their film, Judas Kiss, together. It was a very nice, but tiring day. I got home early enough to watch SNL, but as usual, I fell asleep before the first half-hour was up. I should've taped it.

Sunday was to be the final shoot on episode 2 of The Helena Chronicles. After recent events -JT's announcemnt that he was stepping down as producer and telling Rob of his personal feelings about HF Productions and a certain person - I was a bit worried that it would be a tense day.

It turned 0ut rather well, as everyone seemed to be extra nice to each other. Other than that bit of oddness, it was an easy day. After we wrapped, I watched the episode of Odyssey I directed, The Lotus Eaters, which comes out in chat on Wednesday and later in the week for general viewers. I'm not happy with it, but that's nobody's fault really. Rob did -as always - an excellent job of editing. Some how, he found all the right material to make the episode work.

It's fault, mostly, lies in what turned out to be the most diffcult scheduling I've yet expierenced with this fan series. Since December 1st, the schedule for ODY 1.03 and HC 1.02 where just a freakin' mess.

And as I said, yesterday was suppose to be the final shoot of HC 1.02, but a sick actress has caused it to be pushed until next Sunday. Of course, it's probably less than an hour, but I was looking forward to be far away from those studios next weekend. Sigh.

And thanks to JT, I'll not be the assistant director on ODY 1.04, which begins on March 9. I plan to spend little time there during its production, just to relax before work begins on Operation Beta Shield (which, I agree with Carlos, is a dumb title) in April/May.

Missed the first 2 hours of the Oscars, but for the first time in years, I could care less.

22 February 2008

Book: V: The Second Generation

I want to say that I’m happy that V is back, yet I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Kenneth Johnson’s V: The Second Generation is somewhat of a disappointment. While I can understand his desire to ignore the second miniseries and the subsequent series that followed -if only because he had left those productions - there is continuity errors from his original miniseries that defy reason.

The only reason I can see for the changes is for titillation and, perhaps, a more striking effects. V, V: The Final Battle and V: The Series are all set in Los Angeles. Now, 20 years later the action has shifted to San Francisco -with no explanation. That’s where, I guess, the great visual would work. Seeing the huge Visitor ship hanging above the now empty Bay, somewhere in the mist suspended above the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then where are all the people from the first mini? While Robert Maxwell is there -and sadly, underused - there is no mention of his two daughters. Why no mention of Donavan’s mother, or Daniel Bernstein -the much troubled teen who joins the Visitor Teammates. Where’s Ben Taylor, Tony and others? If they were killed in the Purge of 99, why not mention it?

And I thought the Leader of the Visitors was male, yet the one presented here is female. Oh, I get it, perhaps to get the viewers and readers with a hint of girl on girl action? Please.

I also don’t understand the whole half-breed issue -along with the Visitors still wearing the human masks and calling themselves by human names - if only because I think a mixed race would be what the Visitors would want -in that unite the two worlds sort of way.

And while the whole Nazi analogy remains, it teeters on becoming so overbearing, I actually said out loud while reading the book “I get it Mr, Johnson.”

I’m hoping that if Mr. Johnson is going to continue the series -and it’s obvious that this is not a one off thing - he’ll need to reign in some of his ideas (like the whole flying motorbikes. Hello Galactica 1980) and put back what made the first V such a success - a character based and driven series about what can happen when we give up our personal freedoms. It’s almost like he’s decided the only way to revive V, was to do it in the way that he left the second miniseries and TV series in the first place; because action and sexual innuendo are the words of the day here.

19 February 2008


I'm at a loss at how to tell someone that there is a Yoko Ono in our midst.

Of course, using that name to apple to an issue is sort of rude, but it's one way to explain a very tricky situation.

And I feel that if someone does not say something soon, I may end up leaving my second, nonpaying job that has made me happy for the last two years.

But how much do I let go before saying something -because goodness knows, I can't keep my mouth shut forever. How many more people will choose to leave, if only to avoid dealing with a certain person?

And do I have even a right to say anything? Should I just depart, and let things go the way the universe wants? Or take the risk and say something that will probably end my relationship with this endevour anyways?

And am I getting, finally, what LA is really about?

But the sad part, I think, there is no one I can really speak to this about, without fear of it getting back to said Ono.

Sorry about the random words not adding up. But, I am at a crossroads with this project and I'm unsure how to proceed.

18 February 2008

The Gay Kissing

On Sunday, Rob asked my about the kissing between Stephen and I.

Well, it’s not as solicitous as it may sound.

When I was living in Chicago, and hung with my friends, we always kissed each other on the lips. It was never sexual, just like kissing your mom or your aunt. A quick peck for hello or goodbye. No harm no foul. It was a natural as shaking a hand, really.

Somewhere along the lines of seeing Stephen at every shoot, we fell into kissing hello/goodbye to each other. Apparently, here in LA, this is some odd thing, though. But there is a lot of superficial things about this town -the famous “air kiss” - which could explain why this does not go on around here.

It was one of the first things I had to get used to. A hug was fine, it seemed, and maybe an occasional kiss on the cheek, but no lip lock (even if it was for a second). I guess it could have to do with certain Midwest values, where we see our friends -especially our gay friends - more as family. So giving them a kiss on the lips is seen as way to greet your family.

It would even happen to people I just met an or so earlier, too. I’ve went to parties where gay men where and I would be introduced to someone with the traditional handshake. But usually by the end of the night, as we’re saying goodby, a hug and kiss (on the lips) replaced the handshake.

For me, this almost embargo on really kissing anyone on the lips you’re not sleeping with shows LA as more superficial than I could ever believed. And the gay men of the area seem to feed into that superficialness.

I can see now, why some people end up hating living here. Despite all the nice weather -with occasional earthquakes and fires - becoming close to a person, seeing them as family instead of a rung on the ladder of success, is making them paranoid.

I never saw kissing my best friends on the lips as anything more than being in the comfort of family. For all their posturing here in North Hollywood, it seems family is one you hug only.

17 February 2008

Conventions and Oddness

I stopped going to fan conventiosn, like Star Trek and Doctor Who, years ago. Part of it, was, I guess, the thrill was gone. Sort of once you meet the stars of your favorite shows, what's more to do?

Of course, I know a lot of people go to meet other people. And if you go to a conventionss alot during a year, you're bound to see the same faces. Thus, friendships are formed for the the mutal love of a TV show.

But somewhere, for me, they stopped becoming fun. I got bored with the same questions asked again and again of these stars I would see. I got bored with folks who became so obsessed with their favorite show, that the only conversations they could have with other people where things about these shows. Try to strike up a conversation about, I don't know, the weather or the price of coffee in South America, you get blank stares.

And I will not, ever, get caught up in a pointless disscussion about who would win in a fight, Kirk or Picard.

So, I stepped back.

And for the most part, I don't regret it.

Today, I went to one. It was a Doctor Who convention, but we had a table set up for HF Productions, in the ever hopeful desire to find new fans. We screened an episode of The Helena Chronicles and pitched free DVD's.

But one part, I realized these conventions haven't changed in the 20 plus years when I started to go. They are filled with stereotypes that many attach to sci fi fans, and they're still asking the same questions I did back when I called Matthew Waterhouse (then playing Adric on the Tom Baker fronted Doctor Who) an intergalactic space wimp. Very pretentious of me. To this day, I regret saying it.

There is a sense of family, which I get, with these fans. But like a relative that has over stayed their welcome, at times I feel the same way toward these Who and Trek fans. I like talking to these stars, just like anyone else, but the difference for me is that I like to know them as people. Not like Gods, as some of these people do.

A funny thing about the dealer room, we were right next to David Gerrold, who everyone knows as the creator of the tribbles on Star Trek. Last year, the writer got to adapt and direct his long gestating AIDS alagory tale Blood and Fire for the fan series Star Trek: New Voyages. During production, two former HF actors were to appear in that episode, one was Bobby Rice and the other, the talented Rebecca Wood. Something -and to this day, I still don't know the full details, though I'm guessing it had something to do with scheduling - happened that forced Ms. Woood off the project (fired would be the term). Anyways, tensions between HF and NV cast and crew have always been a bit tenious, but since this time, the crews of both fan produced series have kept their distances from each other. Of course, one is produced here in LA, while the other in New York.

Still, the bitter cold front sat there today. We of HF apparently were not going to introduce ourselves, and Mr. Gerrold -who by today, realized who we were - did nothing either. It was odd, really.

Grudges I have held before, but this seems dumb. But, I must remember, this is Hollywood.

15 February 2008

Thoughts on Lost 4.03 The Economist

There were two things in last night's Lost that got me a thinking. Well, actually, I've been thinking about this for a while.

It's about time, and how they'll explain Walt's growing.

You see, as some might think, I do believe the creators of the series do know what they're doing, and not making it up as they go along. Between season one and two of the show, speculation from me and my friends centered on Walt. Basically, as days on the island could be spread out over many episodes, how where they going to explain actor Malcolm David Kelly's growth.

During season two, you could see the actor had grown taller, and his face started to thin out. By the end of that season, Walt and his dad Michael had left the island on a boat provided by Ben.

This solved a huge problem for the producers. Getting Walt off the the show meant no one had to explain a teenagers growth when a dozen episodes could be just one day on the island. Even during season 3, when Walt popped up during a many of John Locke's odd symbiotic times with the island you could tell that Kelly had grown.

One theory I had was that the island itself was was seperate from reality, that it could be running -time wise - at a different pace. This seemed to come true over these last 3 episodes, as Locke keeps mentioning that Walt is telling him what to do - a bigger, as in taller, version of the one they left behind on the boat.

Now, on last night's episode, Jack mentions they've been on the island for 100 days, and basing that the events of Lost began on September 24, 2004, it is now early 2005 for Jack and rest of the Losties. Now it's been established that Jack is a baseball fan, a Boston Red Sox baseball fan. There was a joke after the Red Sox's won the World Series back in 2004 that popped up in an episode, and last night Jack asks Frank Lapidus about it, and Frank just says something about not getting him started.

This struck me as odd, and a bit convenient, as the Red Sox's won the 2007 World Series. And I thought that Frank was talking about the 2007 Red Sox's and Jack was talking about the 2004 Red Sox's.

Then there's the whole rocket thing with Daniel. The rocket shot from the boat, arrived 31 minutes later than it should've and provided the largest clue yet that at least the island is not running in the same normal timeline as the rest of us, that for the Losties it's now January 2005, while the crew from the helicopter are from 2007 -or maybe now, 2008.

This will also explain how Walt has grown, by the way. He and his dad Michael (who might be Ben's "man on the boat," I'm also thinking) returned to normal time when they left the island. So when he pops up -and he's bound too considering how the producers and writers are making him such an important link between Jacob and him - Walt (and actor Malcolm David Kelly) will have grown because he's been gone from the island for over two years!

One Hit Wonder Friday: UNBELIEVABLE by EMF

14 February 2008

With WGA strike over, networks ramp up for the rest of the season; Paramount shifts Star Trek

Just after the announcement that the WGA strike came to a close, things in Hollywood began again. Most of the networks announced that production on most shows will resume soon, with air dates for new episodes to begin as early as late March, with all of them having new episodes airing by the first week of April.

On the heels of ABC picking up all of its previous shows, freshman drama/fantasy darling, Pushing Daises will be back in the fall, though ABC said the series is done for the season at only nine episodes produced. Meanwhile, NBC has picked up the charming Chuck and Life for the fall, although they too are done for the season, as is huge hit Heroes. Bionic Woman, Journeyman and Friday Night Lights are considered dead in the water, even though NBC has not officially cancelled them.

CBS picked up 11 of its most popular shows, leaving out -at least temporarily - Moonlight and Jericho.

Meanwhile, Paramount made some major shifts in their theatrical schedule, with the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot now pushed from Christmas Day to May 8, 2009. According to the industry trade papers, the five month delay by Paramount is said to be a move to maximize the box office potential for the sci fi film, which will now open the week after X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the week before Sony has scheduled Angels and Demons. Plus, it seems, it will address Abrams comments that the film will need to be tweaked, and now that the strike is over, those script revisions can happen.

But Star Trek is not the only film on the move, David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which stars Brad Pitt, will now replace Trek as Paramount’s holiday pic, moving it from Nov. 26 to Dec. 19. The Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder is moving from July 11 to August 15, while the Renee Zellweger file Case 39 is delayed from August 22 to April 10, 2009. Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy's Nowhereland moves from September 26 to June 12 of 2009.

Does love stink?

When you're by yourself, and the guy you like seems to ignore your advances, yes it does stink. Like a dirty diaper left in the july summer sun.

11 February 2008

V flies back into bookstores; new movie to follow?

Veteran writer/director Kenneth Johnson, creator of The Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, and the Bionic Woman, has never been quite to point out how his V franchise was changed from his original idea. When V aired back on NBC in May 1983, the televison two-part alien invasion saga drew huge ratings and critical praise for its Holocaust analogy. NBC, realizing they had a potential TV movie franchise, ordered up a sequel movie -instead of series Johnson had hoped for. But as V: The Final Battle began to take shape, Johnson realized that NBC wanted something completely different, citing the recently released Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi as the direction the movie series should go. Another words, action and adventure.

The Nazi allegory would become part of the background of V: The Final Battle, and fire fights and action would become the forefront. The later, short-lived TV series, became more known for its silliness than a parable of World War II.

Eventually, Johnson would leave the project before filming, and had nothing to do with the subsequent series and the 15 novels that were published between 1984 and 1988.

But, of course, being the writer that he is, Johnson longed to return to franchise, and back in 2004, when both miniseries were released on DVD, Kenneth Johnson announced he was planning a sequel to the first V miniseries, set 20 years later. This new TV movie would ignore the events of The Final Battle and the series.

Two years later, NBC was interested in the two-part movie, but actually said they would rather do a remake of the original and then, maybe, the sequel story. But as many things happen in network TV, interest at the network waned, and nothing developed.

Now, two years after that, Johnson has adapted his sequel screenplay into a novel, called V: The Second Generation. On a recent email I sent to him, Johnson responded by saying that he is “presently working to revive V as a theatrical motion picture franchise -- first a remake of the original, to be followed by the material in The Second Generation.” And on the Dark Horizons web site recently, Garth Franklin posted Johnson is expected to make an announcement about the franchise, after the WGA strike is settled.

Torchwood - Friends Style

Okay, love this, despite how stupid it really is.

10 February 2008

Sunday in SolCal

It was a great weekend, weather wise. After about 6 weeks of fair weather at best, and temps below normal, we had a Saturday and Sunday where temps reached the mid 70's. Today was just glorious and I spent the day walking around and finished reading Stephen King's Duma Key. I'm actually tired, soaking up the sun and getting somewhat clean air into my lungs.

Today would've been a great day to bike ride, but in the months since mine got stolen, I've missed it, but because of the weather, not that much. I do have another one on order, and it should be here if not this week, sometime next.

As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, I hope to ride my new bike everyday. But, I've said that before.

But, I was curious about the weather back in Illinois. At 5pm CT, it was -3. Here, at the same time, it was 69 (hit 74 today, 76 yesterday). Yep, I hate to rub it in, but damn, I'm glad I'm here.

My Obama dilemma

Why not Obama?

When I lived in Illinois, I voted for him. He’s charismatic, smooth and presents a front based on the idea of change. And Chicago politics is well known for its patronage and corruption, so his voice was new and different enough to sway me.

It wasn’t until I left Illinois, and saw that his record in the senate was spotty at best and who seemed to support big business that I began to wonder if I made a mistake. I love change, and I love someone who can be decisive leader, but with Obama you ended up with was the same old same old that has haunted American politics since time immortal. The question is that bad or good?

But what change is he actually going to do, I ask?

He’s very tight lipped about how he’s actually going to change Washington (and is that a realistic goal for any leader of our country?). But that bothers me, as I feel it would be like buying a house based on the picture of the outside and never bothering to see what’s on the inside.

What does Obama stand for, besides change?

Yes, he wants to pull the troops out of Iraq, which all of you would like, but even the dyed-in-the-wool liberal that I am knows that its no longer that simple. Like it or not, Bush has woven the US like a tapestry into the future history of that country. Pulling out now is not realistic or even practical.

For me to really support Obama, I need to see what his plans are for the US, and not some nebulas answers to the questions he been asked and the sniping between him and Clinton. While the War in Iraq is important, and one that should be addressed, it the economy that worries me more. How is he going to correct this recession we're in? How is he going to stop the hemorrhaging housing industries -and is he going to make the lenders pay for what is basically their fault (beyond the people who were stupid to buy a house they could never afford)?

Will he actually help the middle class, or be ignore them as many republicans have done? Will his interaction with the rich and famous (people like the ultra rich Oprah) make him more sympathetic to their whiny ass issues with paying taxes?

And for a guy who has missed 59% of the senate votes, do you really want him taking on a more complex role as leader of this country?

I think we need to take a hard look at all the presidential hopefuls. And while many hate Hillary Clinton and John McCain, they've actually tried to say things about what they want to do. You all may think them not important or even dumb, but they've said something.

Just because Obama says he wants to bring "change" to Washington, while not explaining what that really means, is not, in my opinion, a reason to vote for him.

Book: Duma Key by Stephen King

Stephen King dips once again into his own past for Duma Key. Much like Dreamcatcher, a book about pain and written during his recovery from his near death after being hit by a van, his newest novel explores pain again. And unlike Lisey’s Story, which was about the love of two people that went beyond the mortal coil, Duma Key is -what he said in a recent interview - a book about divorce.

The story is of Edgar Freemantle and his recovery from the terrible nightmare-inducing accident that stole his arm and ended his marriage. When he takes up residence to fully recover in a pink house on Duma Key, somewhere in Florida, he discovers his latent artistic nature has come forward.

But the story told by Edgar is much more than about divorce, as the past -in typical King style - refuses to be left alone. Soon Edgar is embroiled in a horrifying mystery about the deaths of twin girls and what lurks just beneath the surface of the warm Atlantic waters.

Being one of “constant readers”, having read almost every thing King has written (with the exception of his Richard Bachman novels) since I first discovered the paperback edition of The Stand back in 1980, I always look forward to his books, big or small. At 607 pages, the novel does take a bit of time going. But I think King, after 3 decades of publishing hit making novels, can get away with it. But sometimes, I think he could take a knife to make chunks of the books, and not lose its narrative thread.

I liked it, none the less. I do think King’s later work has been his best, and Duma Key, while treading familiar territory, is a well crafted novel that will always arise beyond the usual slash-dash horror novels that are published every week.

Dean Koontz should be this good.

08 February 2008

Ledger and Renfro's death ruled accidental drug overdoses

Two movie stars recent deaths have been ruled "accidental."

Both Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro died from overdoses of drugs.

Mr. Ledger's death was attributed to both prescription and non-prescription drugs, including over the counter sleeping pills, Valium and Xanex.

Meanwhile, Mr. Renfro died of acute heroin/morphine intoxication, according to the LA Coroner. That "the final manner of death has been ruled an accident," and that the drugs had been injected.

One Hit Wonder Friday: Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

Battle at Kruger Creek

More drama here than an episode of American Idol.

07 February 2008

Better off Dead

Someone brought in a copy of the 1985 film Better off Dead to work the other day.

I love this film for many reasons, but to me this film really represents where my humor comes from.

Written and directed by Savage Steve Holland, Better off Dead stars a very young looking John Cusack as high school student Lane Meyer. After being dumped by his girlfriend for the arrogant and bullying captain of the high school ski team, Lane cannot get past the rejection and decides ending his life will be better for him.

A little gloomy, but his attempts are really only half-hearted and usually end in a very comedic way, like the classic scene where he ends up in a garbage truck Two black men trimming trees see him in the garbage truck and one says "Man, that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that."

Then there his family. Mom, played by Kim Darby as a qausi-Stepford type wife, cannot cook, though she tries, a brother who appears to be a genius because he can build laser guns, rockets and pick-up trashy women. His father, played by David Ogden Stiers, is obsessed with the paperboy, who has managed to break every window on the garage door.

Yes, then there is the paperboy. One of the best running gags through the film is the paperboy trying to collect his $2 from Lane.

BOD has so many jokes, so many non-sequiturs that you have to watch the movie again. While not as good, as say Airplane, it still one of the better anti-John Hughes films of the 1980's.

Romney out; McCain the virtual winner?

With Mitt Romney's exit from the race, it seems all but sure that John McCain will now be the choice of the republican party for President. Mike Huckabee, who had even less delgates than Romney, is play super trooper and is staying in the race.

One thing that appears to going on, now, is who will run with McCain? Does Romney dropping out give him a chance to run for VP? Sure, I guess it could be. But I think McCain and Romney don't like each other -they disagree on more things than agree. Then again, there is Huckleberry Hound. Mike Huckabee is the darling of the far right, one who has been getting the votes of more consrvatives than Romney.

While his chances are slim, there is a potential that McCain could use him to garner the conservative vote that has eluded him, because, really McCain's success has been with moderates and independents.

While Romney might be more favored by those same people mentioned above, he is still a Mormon and there is enough people -especially the Anne Coulter/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity ultra-right to max side - who will not want Romney as VP and one-step nearer to the Oval Office.

And, most Conservatives see McCain as an opportunistic flip-flopper (and might I add, that is one of the most over used phrases by politicians and alike; it’s their version of Hollywood’s “creative differences”). And he is hated by the Huckabee loving crowd. It could make some really strange bedfellows if McCain took him on the ticket.

I don't know.

McCain gives moderate republicans -like my housemate - a get-out-of-jail free card. They may hate him for his policies, but not having Romney or Huckabee as the parties frontrunner means they can still vote republican. But, I also think that if McCain chooses either Romney or Huckabee for VP, I think you'll see those same moderate (and independent) not voting, writing in Ron Paul or maybe voting democratic (though, I don't really see that, but anything can happen).

I've also heard someone suggest Fred Thompson as VP. Of course, many criticized him for his lazy campaign, and his almost blasé attitude. Then again, what exactly does a VP do? Sounds like a perfect job for Thompson.

05 February 2008

Super Tuesday -John Mayer Edition

So, apparently, on a recent cruise for John Mayer fans, the singer/songwriter got to spend time with his many fans, which could be close to stalking, if you ask me. Anywho, Mr. Mayer proved he's still pretty sexy for a music geek, plus has a sense of humor when a fan gives him that Borat style swimsuit. Wouldn't mind seeing his ass in that, though.

Super-duper Tuesday

Well, I voted.

It was easy, and very quick. In and out, much like a White Castle Hamburger. There was a five step way to vote. You get in line, and the guy asks your name. He finds it, you sign and move on to the lady next to him.

I'm unsure where they got this lady, who looked like she voted in the Teddy Roosevelt election. Apparently, she got confused about the street address where I live. I said D Street. D as in David -my name.

So for about a thirty-second period, she looked at me like I had just pissed in her morning juice and then thrown it on her. Anyways, once all that confusion was done, she crossed off my name and street address. Moved onto the third, where I was given my ballot and then told to go over to the booth, the first three appeared to be for democrates. I have no idea why this is, and found it very odd.

Did my civic duty, chose my canidates and propositions and left. I was there all of maybe 5 minutes. Say what you will, but yoy got to love the democratic system.

So, beyond the old, very confused lady at Step Number 2, it was a fun and delightful five minutes.

Of course, now we play the waiting game.


Dum de dum.

Oh, I hate the waiting game, let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

04 February 2008

Dumb cow of a woman at Target

I was walking through Target today and saw something that drives me up a wall. Sure, maybe I've worked retail for too long, but when I see someone lay down an item they do not want in the place other than where they picked it up, I almost want to yell at them.

So this lady, probably my age, is out with her daughter -who she probably treats more like a friend than a parent. The daughter is pushing the cart, well, laying on it because her life is so difficult - and the mom is paging through a tabloid. Now she just probably picked it up as the walked passed the magazine rack. But instead of putting it back where she picked it, she just puts it on the shelf in the DVD section. As a matter of fact, she had to make an effort to place the rag, so it did not topple to the floor like a dead leaf.

What is wrong with people? Of all the retail survey's I've ever seen, one of the big things these people ask for is respect. That some how, the employee's treat them like crap.

Okay. I. Get. That.

But what about treating us with respect? Is it so hard to return the item you do not want back to the place you picked up from? I feel that sometimes the hate is justified, when I see some cow of a mother doing that in front of her child. Because, as the saying goes, monkey sees, monkey does.

But, I think, retail appears to be one the last areas where customers can get away with shit like this. Our corporate offices want us to love and treat these people with kindness and respect, while they tread over us and do what ever goddamn thing they want. And we can't complain, we can't say fair is fair, because the customer is always right.

So, America, what's your issue with just laying things, hiding things anywhere in our storesa because to put it away, would be too much of an effort? I want to respect you, but you have to do the same for us. Treat us like humans, and not like the dirt under over priced shoes, and we'll give you all the service you like.

But, until you do, expect an outburst from me when some bored housewife, wishing she lived like those cows of Real Housewives of Orange County, trolls through Target and cannot put something back in the right place.

What a fuckwad.

03 February 2008

WGA Strike to end this week (?) and here comes the rain again.

A year ago, you could'nt find a drop of water in the skies above Southern California. For it's rainy season, we had little over 3" of rain, when 6" is average. Since the season began last July, we've hadover 11" -with the bulk of it last month. January also became the 13th coolest, with 21 days below normal and over 5" of rain.

It is raining today, but its not a huge thing. And no matter how much rain we have, it will not offset the 5 years of drought the region has had. Still, not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I'll accept whatever the rain Gods give us. Even if it means spending another day looking out a window into a grey, dull sky.

Plus, I have some pretty good word that the WGA will end this week. It seems the studios have come to a deal on residuals -the main sticking point - but nothing can and will be made until the weekend is over.

Let's see if it does.


I stumbled upon MGMT via another blog, who said they were fabulous. I hopped over to their myspace page and watched their video for Time to Pretend. It's a trippy throwback song to 1960's music and early MTV days when videos were actually cool and impressive instead of vanity projects for people with no talent. It's also, as bandmembers Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, their mission statement. I liked the song and was sort of wondering if this was a song to live by, or a joke; as it could be the mantra of any boy who wants to be a rock star. And the song, in its own way, also gives the danger of being that said rock star.

I'm Feelin rough
I'm Feelin raw
I'm in the prime of my life.

Let's make some music make some money find some models for wives.
I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars.
You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

This is our decision to live fast and die young.
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.
Yeah it's overwhelming, but what else can we do?
Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?

Forget about our mothers and our friends.
We were fated to pretend.

I'll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms.
I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world.
I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home.
Yeah I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.

But there is really nothing, nothing we can do.
Love must be forgotten.
Life can always start up anew.

The models will have children, we'll get a divorce,
we'll find some more models,
Everything must run its course.

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end.
We were fated to pretend.

yeah yeah yeah

Electric Feel is their second video off their debut CD Oracular Spectacular, and is just as trippy and weird as Time to Pretend.

They may never be a huge hit -despite an appearance on David Letterman - but they are talented, even if they do what they do to piss people off.

Lotus Eaters wrap. Finally

We finally wrapped production on my episode for Star Trek: Odyssey. After what has been the most difficult shoots ever (at least according to Rob), The Lotus Eaters is in the can. We filmed all day yesterday, ending with an outside shoot in the studios back yard. But, as usual, the dogs next door caused havoc. After finishing, we had to have the actors do ADR work. Today, I went back to film the last couple of bits with Melodee, and saw some of the footage of the backyard shoot. Rob had applied some of the ADR, but as he said, it was rough and would need to be cleaned up.

Work, thus, will continue on The Helena Chronicles in two weeks, though we have rare Wednesday night shoot to film stuff for JT, who could not be there for filming in January due to the passing of his mother back in Illinois. The February 16 shoot is a heavey day, though. Plus there will be one additional day of filming on HC 1.02 on Sunday, February 24.

Then, filming begins on 1.04 of Odyssey on March 9, a Sunday (all of those shoots happen on a Sunday, which for my old bones, I hate). Rob has already pointed out that I might want to take March 10th off from work, because the first day of this episode has a schedule that runs until 11pm!

And we know that the schedule stopped time is always never met.

After that, filming will begin on Operation Beta Shield, the crossover movie with the our Scottish cousins, Star Trek: Intrepid. All the work that will happen in April and May will be the stuff that does not include the Intrepid cast. Filming with them will take up the first week of June, followed by Excelsior Ball III.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On

While most of rock music has passed me up, on occasion I'll stumble upon something that is really good. Of course, that is why I listen to Indie 103.1 here in LA.

01 February 2008

Anne Coulter to campaign for Clinton?

So, Anne Coulter, the Wicked Witch of Right, was on Fox News' Hannity and Combs and basically said that if John McCain is the Republican Parties nominee, she said she'll campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, she thinks Hillary Clinton is more conservative than McCain, and lies less than him. Plus, she thinks she'll not pull the troops out as soon as she gets into office, citing the King Georges State of the Union where he said the surge is working. She stood up and applauded, while Obama and Uncle Ted just sat there.

The universe, it seems, is tilting out of balance.

"She's more conservative than he is. I think she'd be stronger on the war on terrorism. I absolutely believe that...I will campaign for her if it's McCain. He has led the fight against torture at Guantanamo. She hasn't done that. She hasn't taken a position in front....He keeps going on and on about how he was the only Republican who supported the surge and other Republicans attacked him. It was so awful how he was attacked, it was worse than being held in a tiger cage. Well I looked at the record, Republicans all supported the surge. He's not only not the only one who supported the surge. I promise you no Republican attacked him for this and you know why I think he's saying that, Sean. I realize cause he keeps saying it every debate. He's confusing Republicans with his liberal friends. They're the ones who attacked him for it. His real friends...Their positions are about that far apart. When George Bush said at the State of the Union address that the surge is working in Iraq, Obama sat on his hands, Kennedy sat on his hands, Hillary leapt up and applauded that we are winning the surge in Iraq. She gave much better answers in those debates when Democrats like Obama and Biden were all saying what will we do when three cities are attacked. She said I will find who did it and I will go after them. Hillary is absolutely more conservative (than McCain). Moreover, she lies less than John McCain. She's smarter than John McCain. So that when she's caught shamelessly lying. At least the Cliintons know they've been caught lying. McCain is so stupid he doesn't even know he's been caught."

MGMT - Time to Pretend