30 April 2007

Excelsior Ball II: Days 1 and 2

So, arrived at the hotel with Heather (who came with me after a package Rob was expecting was not arriving at the right moment) and Dale on Friday at about 5:20 -after a tortuous 2 hr drive from Rob and Beo’s (because, in theory, that trip should’ve taken not more than an hour. But we are talking LA traffic and theory usually gets thrown out the window with the bath water).

Walked into the bar and right in the arms of Will. I missed seeing him (as we spent a great time together at EB I) and if there is one person that can bring a smile to my face, its our Xanxan. I met Ste and Andrew - who, of course, I’ve seen every month since October. Not that I’m complaining. He is also the darling of the convention, and one of the most organized persons I’ve ever met. He is a master juggler and deserves all the kudos -and some additional donations - to making EB II the huge success it was.

The rest of the crew and cast began to slid in and got to meet fans such as Jamie, Daniel, Rick, and Joshua. Mike Johns (who has this fly car), Will and I went to the Rite Aid to get some beer, cause it was expensive to drink in the hotel bar.

I stayed the first night at Dan Crout’s house, getting there (after a brief “oops, shouldn’t have I turned here?”) at about 10:30. John Whiting joined us a little over an hour later (and after he went right instead of left). While waiting for John, Dan and I talked about writing, as I’ve decided I want to pitch a story idea. Dan gave me some great ideas.

So, I tried to sleep. I’m not one of those people who can fall asleep easily in strange places. I cannot sleep in moving vehicles, such as cars or airplanes. Plus, I need near silence of a grave yard to actually fall asleep. True, I do sleep with ear plugs, but that does not block out all the noise.

On the other hand, Mr. Whiting can fall asleep anywhere at the drop of hat.

So, Dan awakes us both at about 5:30 to get over to UCI for the shoot. I had decided not to shower because I had taken Joanne’s room (cause she had to drop out due to work) for Saturday night.

Like Dan and Beo have already said, the shoot on Saturday went off without a hitch. It amazes me the level of cooperation we got from the cast and crew and those loyal fans. And while the marine layer helped keep things cool for most of the shooting, by the time the clouds did lift its skirts to let the sun shine, we were near finishing.

And when the guys showed up with the stedi-cam, I think the day got more golden. The fans were delighted that they became so much apart of the shoot (and hopefully, not too much will be left on the editing room floor), and I was delighted for them, if only because only 14 months earlier, I was one sitting in the audience in awe of people like Rob, JT, Adam, Barbara, Bobby, Wayne, John, Dave Dial, Julia, Risha, and Sharon.

Anyhoo, the day was perfect and when we wrapped at noon, I think everyone was astonished at what we accomplished in that time.

I checked into my room after we returned from UCI and showered. It was great.

Went back down to the bar, where Will was and waited for the festivities to start at 3. Then it began, and people poured in: Barb, Karl, Alex, Beau, Katie, Sam, Jonathan, Wendy, Jason, Mike and many more. The panels started, the autograph line grew, and some people I only new as nicknames and silly avatars presented themselves as real people. I had always wondered what wickedwonder looked like, and then there was Wendy. The fact that she flew in from Indianapolis was cool. While she may not be a totally Midwest girl, I liked the idea that she was close enough from Chicago, that I could say I met someone close to where I used to live!

The other exciting thing of Saturday was dinner, which is getting a great deal of attention. So, because I came with Sam (who drove), James, Jonathan and Will, I tracked over to Gulliver’s. They put us outside, and as the sun went down, the aired cooled and it got chilly. Now the first thing you’ve got to know is, that since I moved here, I’ve teased a many of people who claim it gets so cold here. But, for the first time, I could say I was actually cold. Of course, I was dressed in a thin shirt, but still had jeans and my flip-flops on, but still.

So as most of the large group sat at bunch of put-together tables, James, Thomas, Will and I and then joined by Sam and Jonathan sat down for dinner. I had nothing, as I was trying to keep to my limits, but I’m glad I didn’t. The food took forever to get here, and then was way over priced. Still, it was fun listening to James, Will and Sam talk. I chimed in once in awhile, along with Thomas.

Got back in enough time to see the 7.08 rough cut. Though I had seen it back at the end of March, Rob and Dan had added many new effects. I still think its fabulous. Then we saw the preview of Odyssey, along with the opening credits. Got to say, I nearly peed in my pants. Very impressive teaser, and every time I hear the theme to Odyssey, it gets stuck in my head. All In a good way, of course.

We closed down and headed up to JayTee and Adams room for a DVD release party for his Begging for Shorts, a collection of his, well, shorts.

It was well after midnight when it began, and while we tried hard to keep the noise level down, well it was near impossible. So, after being asked to move, we all came back to the convention room and sat and talked and drank.

But by 2:30, I was tired and along with John Whiting -who was going to sleep in the bed next to mine -ambled up to the room.

It was to be a more or less, sleepless night.

To be concluded....

Eyecandy Monday

My goodness, I just can't take my eyes away from this guy. I also bet that this body is more natural than worked out.

29 April 2007

Sunday Evening

Back from Excelsior Ball II. Tired as hell. Full report will come in a day or so.

26 April 2007

Another pretty boy

Odyssey begins production

The cast of Star Trek: Odyssey

Production has begun on this new fan created series, from the creators of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. This past Wednesday (which is not normally when we lens), filming began under the direction of JT Tepnapa (Corey Astor on HF). Since I had to work -and I'm the Assistant Director on the "pilot", Illiad - Jenn Cole filled in for me until I got there at 3pm.

The shoot went rather smoothly -mostly because there was not that much make-up.

Tomorrow is EB II in Irvine.

Next shoot date will be 5/12.

official announcement

24 April 2007

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Maybe he's a Method actor. In any case, People.com reports that Tudors star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has entered rehab for a drinking problem.

Can't get fat, after all. Drinking does add weight, in places you don't want (like the face).

22 April 2007


The End of Hidden Frontier & the start of Odyssey

We got together at Rob and Beo's place for two things: First get all the stuff needed for next Saturday's EBII ball in Irvine -Barbara brought clothes racks so we hang all of the costumes needed for shoot and we got make-up together.

I became the guinea pig for make-up tests for the Archein bad guys on our next project, Odyssey. It was fun, more so that I thought. Adam spay painted my face trying to figure out what these guys will look like. But what I thought would be a fast day, much like last Sunday, turned into a long one, as I got there at noon, and leaving at 8:30.

Still, that is what HF was about. The schedule -while a useful tool -never came close to being followed. I'm ever hopeful that Wednesday shoot does go as planned, but I think by the time I get there at 3, it will be behind -as they should roughly have more than half done.

But that's the fun part of this thing. It does not really bother me that these shoots go so long, but there are times when I think finishing at the time the shooting schedule said we should, would be kind of neat.

I did have two tasks to fulfill today, which was getting a new gallon of green paint. JT suggested we re-paint the gree wall -cause it does need it. When I was at the Home Depot this morning, a guy asked me what I was using that color green for.

I asked him not to laugh, and then explained to him what its used for. He was nice, and did not laugh. Anyway, then went to Target to get the make-up wedges, pins and baby wipes.

It's weird, in someways, as I joined HF at the begining of its seventh and last season, I never dreamed I would be there when it ended. Now I'm here when Odyssey is beginning. That is, in some ways, even weirder.

Being a parent

I know it might sound strange -after all, I’m not a parent - but I think today’s parents are doing a very piss poor job of being a parent.

Today, I was in Target checking out. In front of me was a mom and her two kids, the oldest probably 7 or 8, the second a toddler sitting in the cart seat. The baby is crying, because the mom had taken the Skittles out of her hands so the clerk could scan them. The baby is crying, and what is mom doing about it?

Nothing. Just talking on the mobile. Eventually, the baby gets the candy back, but then realizes that its still sealed, cries even louder. Now, I could’ve never gotten away with that when I was a kid. First off, had I started crying like the kid did, my mom would’ve first put the candy back, then would’ve given me something to cry about.

My mom was -and still is - a tough women. When my dad died, she had 4 kids all under the age of 10 to take care of. She had to enforce rules and had to be both mother and father to us. Plus, she had no help from her family, even her own dad came to her and told her he was not going to help raise her kids, cause he had already brought 2 of his own up.

As we grew, we could never -and never dream of - talking back to her. If we got in trouble, she would spank us, and if she really blew her top, she get out the leather strap and wack us into next week.

While some today would say that is cruel, bordering on child abuse (cause you got to add on the verbal abuse), to me this was her right as a mom. There were boundaries we could not cross, and if we even tried a little, we would get a right hook.

This past Friday, the Bonita High School I live across was closed after a troubled student vanished just after his house was robbed of guns his father kept locked away. The student -who was to be transferred to another school - had apparently made some vague threats to the people who go to Bonita (and I found out today, that the kids was found alive).

I really wanted to be surprised at this, but I can’t. And who is to blame when things like Virginia Tech happen (or even Columbine)? Is the killer -or killers - all at fault? Should we not have some sympathy for them?

Parents today want to be their kids friends instead of being what they should be: parents. The kid at the Target store is only part of the problem. The mother, instead of teaching the child a lesson - just hands the candy over to the crying child. After all, it easier to give in than deal with the crying.

My own siblings have discovered that when you don’t discipline, when you do let them get away with talking back to you, that you lose control over them. Plus, when you add on the conceit of so many parents who think interfering in their child’s life will somehow stunt their growth.

Parents need to know that when you choose to become a mom, a dad, your needs become less important. You need to be involved in your children’s lives in all aspects. Sure, will they bristle at all the questions? Yes. But that should not be your worry.

Kids will always push boundaries, but as a parent, it your responsibility to keep them in check. And you need to say no more often. Just because Billy down the street has an IPOD and you don’t does not mean the world is coming to end and does not mean your parents love you less. If they cannot afford it, then the kid has to figure out a way to buy it themselves.

But what do you get from the child? Oh mom, you are ruining my life, you hate me, you want me to fail, blah, blah, blah. Nope, that parent is teaching a child a lesson. It’s a painful one, but I do believe it actually helps a child understand the concept that everything in life is kind of tough. If you want something bad enough, as my mom used to say, you can figure out a way to get it.

Of course, just don’t try to manipulate them. After all, that’s a parents job.

Just start being a parent, pry into your child’s life, find out if he or she is having problems in school, or what not and see if you can help. Until that child is 18, you can do almost anything to protect them. Sure they may resent you at first, but eventually they come around.

You are a parent. Not their friend.

20 April 2007

Kitchens Of Distinction

4 Men

Stars are falling down

onto this broken-hearted hungry clown

because he cannot get his fill.

Never thought that he would ever

want this much from a man,

but love is the steepest sharpest slide.

Oh here he'd lie at your side

looking up into the sky

wondering if this is allowed.

but fear rules him easily

it takes lust and strength to

turn to you and say,

"I want you and I need you"

but I haven't got the fattest chance in hell.

Sun has finally upped and gone

being bored of everyone

I slip of my shirt and shoes.

Time to hate myself again,

my small voice and freckled skin

to the safety of the dark.

Oh here I'd like between your thighs

looking up into your eyes

wondering if this is allowed

but fear rules me easily

it takes lust and strength to

turn to you and say,

"I want you and I need you"

but I haven't got the fattest chance in hell.

So why does the world laugh and take us on these rides

my dear?

I'll shut my epileptic eyes and

daydream of busy nights, my dear.

Because I want you and I need you,

I'll crush my arms around

until I melt inside of you.

Oh got I want you and I'll have you,

I'll be your son your slave and keeper.

There were four men in this room...

why did you have to go and pick on me?


Alec Baldwin: Crazy Dad or one getting the shaft?

I don’t usually comment on things like this -mostly because it sounds so E! like - but the leaking of a voice mail message of a very pissed off Alec Baldwin seems to be designed to really splatter his name in the mud. His divorce from the no talent wife, Kim Basinger, has been bitter, and the two are using their daughter as bait in the ever increasing war of words between the two, but I think Basinger and her lawyer stepped over the line in releasing his diatribe.

I think any parent has a right to go ballistic once in a while over the things their kids do, whether they deserve it or not. This mamby pamby attitude that you can’t do these things is destroying the culture of what parents can say and do in raising their child. Language that he used, while maybe shocking to some more (really) liberal people, I find something he has a RIGHT to do.

Parents are afraid to say no to their kids, letting them walk all over them. I have no issue with a parent wacking a kid upside the head when they do something wrong. And no one outside that inner family group has a right to say anything about it.

Kids need discipline, they need to know that they have no rights until the age of 18. That their house -under both parents or one - is a dictatorship. Rules need to followed and the child MUST be held accountable for them when they break them.

But today’s kids -who’ve been brought up on MTV, where the see these rich kids get everything they want and talk to their parents like they’re a stranger on the street - don’t think they should have to wait for things. That they’re RIGHTS are being violated when Mom and Dad say no you can’t go out or no, if you want to buy that $120 T-shirt you find away to pay for it yourself.

Alec Baldwin -like many couple going through a bitter divorce (and being public figures, it makes everything they say and do some how become “news”) are sometimes painted into a corner. And since the divorce laws seem to always favor the parents, most of these men get screwed.

In the end, Baldwin will regret what he said on the VM, but like so many others, its something that happens in these type of splits.

I feel sorry for him, but mostly I feel sorry for the daughter, Ireland. Kids, no matter what, always end up in the middle.

Things Fall Apart

I want him

I think I have a strange case of OCD.

I like things being in order, which, while a Virgo tendency, it does betray me sometime. Like today, for some odd reason, we got 2 pallets of books. Friday delivery is not normal, as we usually get our stuff on Tuesday's and Thursday.

This just made me angry -and not getting a return call back from corporate about why we got one -and as I found out later, Chino got one too - just fustrated me also. Andy, the calm Inventory manager he is, just said it was alright and that I should not worry.

But, you see, I do. It bothers me that the inventory will now sit in the back for 2 days, until Monday. That means if there is something someone wants, the employee will have to slog through the carts to find it. They should'nt have to do that. It's unfair to the customer. And, afterall, Borders is so anal about customer service.

I'm sure my blood pressure got boiling. But I should be able to let it go. I should be able to say that it's fine, and will get by. Of course, I don't. I fret, I get short when people talk to me, and I say things I do not mean.

I love living in a world where things are in order. Well, really, just work. My room is a mess and while it does bother me to a certain point, I don't go all Joan Crawford in Mommie Deariest. But at work, I need order, I need A to go to B and I hate when the tipping point gets tipped.

I would love to be able to take a deep breath and let it out and move on, but I seem not to able to do that.

OCD or just to dumb to let it go?

19 April 2007

Idol thoughts

Don't watch this show. Hate everything it stands for. This whole thing with Sanjaya -a semi-talented androgynous twink - had the potential of bringing down this show.

This is a wake-up call for the producers of this stupid series: let 13 year-old girls dictate the direction of your show and you end up with them selecting this queen.

But, then again, American Idol was never about talent anyway. It was -and always will be - about looks.

18 April 2007

Bobby Rice

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier's Bobby Rice

Movie news: Pirates, Narnia and Hobbits, oh my

I was one of the few people who did not see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest during its theatrical run last summer. First off, I realized the film was just too big, too expensive and just plain to bombastic to be entertained. After all, one set piece after another does not a great film make. I like the first one, even if only because of Johnny Depp. While I adore Orlando Bloom, I finally discovered what many people had been saying about him through the The Lord of the Rings trilogy: He has just on emotion. Plus, even at 2:20 minutes, The Black Pearl was overlong. At 2:30 minutes, Dead Man's Chest could've lost at least 1/2 and been none the worse. Now, Walt Disney Pictures has confirmed that Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will clock-in with a whopping 170 minute runtime (that’s 2 hours and 50 minutes -and with added trailers a good three hours). Yep, this makes the film 30 minutes longer than Black Pearl and 20 minutes longer than Dead Man's Chest. And for the those hardcore fans, this will not be the last film. While it will tie-up many of the loose ends that were so frustratingly left unanswered for the second film, At Worlds End will be very open ended. Not a cliffhanger, per se, but they are certainly not ending the story here.

Meanwhile, with The Chronicles of the Narnia: Prince Caspian already filming, work on the third book in the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has already begun. Walden Media has announced that acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Apted will helm the film. Apted, who ventures into fictional filmmaking once in while, is mainly known for his documentaries like the 7 Up series. And when he does embark for his fictional films, they are usually low to moderate budget thrillers, like Gorky Park. The closest he’s gotten to a big scale film, was the third James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan, The World is Not Enough.

Finally, if New Line Cinema’s Bob Shaye and The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson cannot solve their much public falling out over monies from the DVD editions of the films, it appears that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi might be his replacement on -and when - the 2 part film adaptation of The Hobbit goes before the cameras. Shaye has made it public that he would like Raimi to do it, while Raimi has kept mum on the potential of picking up where Jackson left off. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Raimi finally went on the record: "Peter Jackson might be the best filmmaker on the planet right now. But, um, I don't know what's going to happen next for me right now. First and foremost, those are Peter Jackson and Bob Shaye's films. If Peter didn't want to do it, and Bob wanted me to do it -- and they were both okay with me picking up the reins -- that would be great. I love the book. It's maybe a more kid-friendly story than the others."

Showing off

15 April 2007

Odyssey comes closer to production

Today, I ventured over to Rob and Beo's to get more info on the start for filming on Odyssey. Filming begins on Wednesday, April 25. And, of course, a week day shoot is unusal. Mainly, of course, the reason for that shoot day is because of Karl is in town (for EB2) and its the only day they can film Korg's scenes for the opener.

They're also filming scenes with Bobby and JayTee (who is also directing the pilot), I think mostly because of Bobby's availabilty later this summer (as he goes to New York to film his guest shot on New Voyages) is, at best, difficult.

I became a model for some new prosthetic John is creating for the Romulan commander. Also, Beo tested some stuff on Adam.

JayTee asked me to be the AD on the episode, but because I work, I told them I could not get there until 3pm. Which appears to be fine, as filming will go onto until at least 8, with Julia as Stadi also being filmed.

I heard another day of filming will take place in early May, with other stuff to film in June, July and August, as it seems Odyssey will not debut until October.

09 April 2007


Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code (SS03.02)

The Doctor takes Martha on her first trip in the TARDIS, arriving in Elizabethan England, circa 1599. There they meet Willaim Shakespeare who is writing his play, Love's Labours Won. However, evil, witch-like Carrionites plot to end the world by placing a code in the new play's closing dialogue.

The second episode of season three is another trip into the England's past, giving the BBC -once again - the proof that they will always do the best in costume drama. The episode itself is fairly predictable, and the pacing fine, but once again the cast shines.

New companion Martha is quickly leaving thoughts of Rose behind. One of the biggest problems with the series over its first 26 year run, was that most of the Doctor's companions needed him to explain it all, but Martha seems very much aware of herself, and what is happening to her, especially when citing the terrible implications of time travel that she has seen in films. She wonders whether something as small as stepping on a butterfly really can drastically change the future, going on the potential consequences of killing he own grandfather. Smarty girl, Martha is.

There is also a quick racial question pointed out by her -she being black -she might be seized and taken into slavery.

The Doctor scoffs at the notion, but he advises her to walk around like she owns the place - that it usually worked for him -and he is not even human.

Pop refreneces abound in this episode, with Martha making refrences to the three witches as be "Harry Potter" like, and the Doctor trying to explain to Martha how Earth could cease to exists in 1599 if the witches continue there plan to open a portal -by mentioning Back to the Future.

And, along with Queen Victoria, The Doctor has made an enemy of Queen Elizabeth I -even though he has yet to meet her.

A charming episode -with very impressive CGI effects -but I wonder why the series has yet to go beyond the original series and attempt to really be what it once was.

next week the Doctor returns to New Earth, and another encounter with the Face of Boa.

08 April 2007

Easter musings

So, Easter.

Like some much of my life, I used to remember this day with the family. As a kid, I guess, you don't fully understand these holidays; its just a day when the family gets together. As I grew up, and lost much of my faith in organized religion, I lost interest in the holidays themselves.

Now, Easter is just another Sunday in a month of Sunday's. And it is only the one of the few days (besides Christmas and Thanksgiving) that a good percentage of stores are closed. Well, not Borders, anyways. There are only two days my company actually closes, the aftermentioned Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holidays like New Years Day, Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July and Labor Day, the company opens with shorter hours.

So, while Target is closed today (and In and Out), I was surprised to find Starbucks open. Of course, I think that company only closes 1 time a year: Christmas. Anyway, I walked over there about noon, as Bill was still asleep! Continued reading A Team of Rivals, as per usual, nonfiction books take forever for me to read.

JT posted his short on the net that I helped with back last fall, And the Award Goes too... Funny stuff, and well crafted. JT is brillant, and deserves much wider audience. I love him and hope all my best for his success.

I made some shrimp/tuna salad for dinner (see, no big meal for the holiday) and talked to Donna, who had brunch at her house.

Surprised that Dawn actually came -along with Steven - Donna said it was a nice morning. No problems. She told me Dawn has plans to put the house on the market in the coming weeks, and that Steven has no intention of moving with his mother. So, I guess, he's starting to collect things for an apartment and save his money (though I still think he owes more than he can ever repay).

Dawn -as well as I - has made no attempt to talk to me, which is fine. I have nothing to talk to her about, really. She is living her life, I mine. We don't need to contact each other, bcause in the end, it would only end in an argument.

I don't need that.

Anyway, I guess at the end of the day, like Christmas (and even Thanksgiving to a lesser degree) and Easter mean little to me. Religion has turned its back on me (but, I suppose I've also done the same), and feel until they can accept gay people with open arms, then I cannot go to them (though my gay cousin, who comes from a religious family, still goes to church, saying he takes only what he needs from it, ignoring the rhetoric).

I wish I had something to really believe in. I do think there is a God, or something beyond this mortal coil; but what it is, I don't know. But what I do know is, that the answers do not lie within a church or a dusty tome. It exists, maybe, within our own hearts and minds.

07 April 2007

Michael Phelps in flips


After a hiatus, flipfloperotic returns. Glad they're back.

06 April 2007

Willy Z

One day, a few months ago when I was just bored, I stumbled upon this blog by a guy, an American actor, touring in New Zealand performing Cats.

He offers sporadic updates, but he is hot, so you know, I had to have pics of him.

I've never had any desire to see Cats, but jebus, I might reconsider it with him jumping around.

The Venture Bros.

Cartoon Networks edgy Adult Swim programs have always been somewhat uneven in quality. For me, while Aqua Teen Hunger Force seemed to be the darling of the network, my personal favorites included Sea Lab: 2021 and The Venture Bros. While both have been successful, neither have been well treated by CN. Like Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Large, both Sea Lab and Venture Bros. became the Redheaded stepchild of the line-up.

With Sea Lab now gone, along with Harvey Birdman (not to mention the always hilarious Space Ghost: Coast to Coast) the only real thing left to watch for me, is The Venture Bros.

The best part of the trio was that the people who were making them were plundering the childhood most of audience that Adult Swim was targeting grew up with. Sea Lab 2021 is based on the short-lived NBC series Sealab 2020. The series was about an underwater research base and had an environmental theme. Sealab 2021 is set one year after the time frame; during which, the crew has slowly gone crazy and now spends more time goofing off in various ways rather than doing any serious work.

Meanwhile, where Sea Lab took the old animation and reworked it with new dialogue, The Venture Bros. actually is hand drawn the old fashion way -though digital rendering, really- and pays homage to such classic Hanna-Barbera action series as Jonny Quest and often parodies The Hardy Boys mysteries and other comic super heroes. Twins Hank and Dean - who think they are gifted but they’re really idiots - are the sons of Dr. Venture, a caricature of Dr. Benton Quest. Disappointed in his kids and failed career as a scientist, Venture pops diet pills to ease his pain. Also on tap is Brock Samson, a sort of testosterone-loaded, extremely violent take on Race Bannon.

Venture has a recurring villain in the form of The Monarch, who is evil, yet incompetent. There has been little effort to explain why Monarch hates Venture, but hints have been dropped here and there. Over two seasons, meanwhile, Monarch’s evil nature has been supplemented with vanity and bravado.

As mentioned, due to the nature of The Venture Bros. animation -and Cartoon Networks bizarre way of operating; waiting to the last minute to renew the show - there was a year gap between season 1 and 2, as there will be nearly another extra long gap between season two and three, which should debut in late 2007. Fortunately, CN has picked up the show for a fourth season of 13 episodes. So, with 26 more episodes to come, I can hope that this brilliant, weird series continues to make me laugh out loud.

04 April 2007


1968 was a pretty watershed year for the world and my family. Today, 39 years ago Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis; two months later, Robert Kennedy was assissinated in Los Angeles.

In July of that year, my dad died. His birthday is next month, and beyond the fact he would be 72 this year, the fact that 39 years has gone by is just an amazing concept to me.

I miss him everyday, even though I have no real memory of him.

Dad, I love you.



01 April 2007

Sand and Chairs

Smith and Jones -Season 3 of Doctor Who

The revived Doctor Who launched into season 3 with Smith and Jones, written by show runner Russell T. Davies. While no mention of just how much time has passed between the end of season two and the start of season three, the Doctor still seems to be in bit of funk after the departure of Rose.

Just like the series opener, the Doctor is investigating something odd, something alien happening in London. This time it’s the Royal Hope Hospital, which is transported to the moon. Medical student Martha Jones (played by new series regular Freema Agyeman) soon finds herself fighting a blood-sucking alien who is hiding from the rhino like storm troopers called the Judoon.

Davies crams a lot of story into the 45 minutes, but succeeds in keeping things from going to wonky. Of course a lot of credit goes to David Tennant, who has made The Doctor his own and the very appealing Agyeman, who promises to be another, in a very short-line, of Time Lord companions who can hold their own.

There is one thing I’ve noticed about the new series, one many a critic and fan has commented on. The Doctor’s travels have been keeping him on Earth, which is starting to grow old. In some ways, these new TV adventures remind me of the first 3 seasons of the Jon Pertwee era, were he was exiled by the Time Lords. Then, the Doctor was trapped on Earth, with no working TARDIS. While this helps keep the budget in check, it also will hasten the end of the show if it continues to stay leashed to Earth.

Also, just like season one, there seems to be a thread of foreshadowing to the season finale. The name John Saxon seems to pop up now and then, including one that says Vote for John Saxon. Anagrams aside, this might be this seasons little secret. One other thing is the Doctor mentions he once had a brother, but no more. Whether he was lying or not, it’s an interesting comment.

It had been rumored since the Pertwee days that The Master would’ve been revealed as The Doctor’s brother, but the death of the actor who played him, Roger Delgado, put that theory on hold. It wasn’t until Peter Davidson’s Doctor was this thread -sort of - picked up again.

In The Planet of Fire, as The Master’s plans go awry and he is caught in the some fire, does he yell, “Doctor, how could you do this to your own...”

With The Master scheduled to return to the series in the season finale, Last of the Time Lords, it’s a good bet all of this is leading to a family revelation.

Spder-Man 4 already set for 2009?

As I grow older, the less I care about seeing movies at the theaters and the more I care about the business side of it, like how the big studios are already lining up films for the next two years. Of course, this is big business and to keep the investors happy, you announce these tent-pole films way in advance.

That being said, I wonder how Sony has set a May 2009 release date for Spider-Man 4, even though there is still a month before number 3 opens and that its have said that 3 is enough? Does this make the investors happy? Does Sony’s stock go up, despite not having a potential cast or even a director? I have no doubt that Spidy 3 will do good, but I feel this announcement is nothing less than speculative at best.

Meanwhile, after Speed Racer moved up two-weeks to avoid the potential problems of coming out the same day as Indiana Jones 4, the adaptation of the beloved graphic novel Watchman has been placed in its spot, May 22, 2008. Still, while both films appeal to some radically different fans, I think Watchman can survive against Indy, but it won’t be number 1 at the box office that weekend. Also next summer, Warner Bros. has moved up the release date ofThe Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, from mid July to June 13. It should easily beat up the new version of The Hulk, also scheduled to open that day. The move of the Dark Knight seems to be in response to the potential clusterfuck of July 11, which will see the three huge sequels opening the same day, The Mummy 3, Hellboy 2 and Sin City 2. And finally, looking towards Thanksgiving 2008, Sony has decided that James Bond 22 will take on Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, as both films will open on November 19.

Not to bitch, but are sequels just getting out of hand?