14 May 2012

NBC fall preview of 'Go On'

Matthew Perry is good. He can play comedy and drama. When he did Mr. Sunshine on ABC, he was best thing about it. Despite the fact is was not funny and was poorly executed, he did his best with what he had.

Go On seems to have all his trademark elements, but the biggest hurtle the show might have is getting over the elephant in the room that was the death of his wife while texting. Important message, but since Glee handled semi-okay this season (and would have be more truthful and realistic kill off Quinn, but the show is fantasy) it will be interesting and challenging to see how this comedy series handles it.

Besides, it co-stars Tyler James Williams from the late WB's super underrated sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. He's a talented kid -his brother is star of Disney's Lab Rats- and I loved him as the young version of Chris Rock.

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