09 May 2012

North Carolina screws themselves & God laughs

North Carolina can go screw themselves. Ooops, they already did. Because this backwards amendment will affect everyone, including unmarried, straight couples.

We as a race need to evolve, to move forward in a linear path. The past is an abstract notion, fed by illogical feelings and bad choices. The future, of course, remains undefined. Still, even if you take "past" ideals into consideration, you still see a world moving on, moving forward. We cannot remain in a vacuum, as nature abhors that. 

When I was growing up, I was told by my mother to look towards the future. The past can always be used as a barometer, but at the end of the day, the universe (no matter how we fight) will push us forward. 

We're at a tipping point with this idea that while all of us are created equal. It seems, for some, to be just words on a paper, meaning nothing because some dusty tome created by humans - who are flawed, ugly, killers and rapists- says it’s so, even though these people offer no proof of the existence of such a "higher being." It's faith, they say. 

But religion exists because we can't accept that we will one day no longer exist even though we didn't exist for billions of years and won't exist for eternity. We can't understand the beginning or end or vastness of the universe and the unknown aspects of our existence. Because those concepts are so scary, and the many can't accept them, they create fairy tales to take those fears away.

The tragic aspect is that these fairy tales have become popular and the more popular and they become, the more we think they might be real. You know, there's nothing wrong with having fairy tales. Just as long as you know they are fairy tales. 

There are lots of people who tend to forget this. And because their need to believe that their fairy tales are real, they'll do anything, at any cost, to hurt people who don't accept their views. We saw that with what happened in North Carolina yesterday. To the ones that voted, to the very human governmental machine that created this, the misery, suffering, and death that this will create for all, not just gay people, is somehow justified because their "faith" tells them there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them. But we all know, deep down, there isn't one.

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