26 November 2008

More things from Oak Park

It has to be the oddest 24 hours of my life. After learning of the death of my former Borders co-worker back in Oak Park, IL, I contacted that store this morning from work and talked to my old friend Kevin. While he was unsure of the full details of Pete's death -whether it was an accidental overdose of pills associated with his depression, or suicide (and for life insurance POV, I'm assuming the family will push for accidental) - he said that his wake was attended by a lot of people, which is good.

Then Kevin asked me if I had heard about Mariam, the former GM of that store who allowed me to transfer there back in 2000 when the store opened. I said no, if only because I had not seen her since she was fired from Borders in late 2004. Shockingly, he said about two weeks ago she woke up in the middle of the night and was complaining to her husband about not feeling well.

By the time they realized something was up and they rushed her to the hospital, she was gone. Dead at 50 of a heart attack.

It's so bizarre to know both of them are gone and such young ages. And the fact they die with in a few weeks of each other is even more weird.

I like Miriam, but she was very passive/aggressive and at times, that made work difficult. But she also was the first to give me the latitude to do almost anything at Borders with little or no supervision. She trusted me to get the job done, and to do it right (or my version of right).

It was all so surreal today, as my mind was a wash in sadness and total shock.

When I told this to a few of my coworkers today, one said things always happen in three's.

Gosh, I hope not.

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