20 April 2009

Dan Brown returns (finally) with a new Robert Langdon book, The Lost Symbol

Six years after the publication of his multi-million bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown -and his hero Robert Langdon - will return this September 15 with The Lost Symbol. The title is rather plain and opaque after 2003s The Da Vinci Code, and 2000's Angels and Demons, two novels that antagonized Christian groups which detailed religious organizations such as Opus Dei who were willing to do almost anything, including murder, to keep themselves in power (The Da Vinci Code) and tackled a secret society called the Illuminati (Angels and Demons).

Part of the reason might all of the books that were published after The Da Vinci Code. When this long-rumored sequel was originally listed for publication back in 2006, it was under the title The Solomon Key. This led to a rash of pre-emptive books about how to unlock the Solomon Key.

So, for now, the plot seems secret, though what is known that novel takes place in a span of 12 hours. Plot points should start appearing as the publication date comes closer.

The good aspect of this news is The Lost Symbol could become the biggest-selling book of 2009, which could be on the same level as Harry Potter, giving the ailing book industry a much need boost in the arm.

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