30 October 2009

Measure of Me

So, the dullness that is my life continues (thus the lack of posts here on my blog). But times are interesting at work.

* My GM announced she is leaving the company, after 15 or so years with Borders. However, she's not leaving the book industry, just going back to being a DM for a Christian Book company. We also got a new DM for our region, after our last one was fired earlier this month. Since his firing, we've all learned about how piss poor the SoCal region is doing -we seem to be the redheaded step-child of Borders. Also, the GM for Riverside is also leaving next week, which proves how much damage the previous DM did the area and how much work is needed to make this area shine, though I'm guessing the damage is done.

* For the first time in a long time, I agreed to do an overnight shift on Sunday to set-up the holiday stuff. Mostly, the reason I said I do it was because last years crew did a shityy-ass job. So I'm hoping to correct this year; sort of do it right the first time mindset.

* The fate of Borders, by the way, is still not set. It will be an intersting holiday season to say the least.

Happy Halloween all and welcome back standard time.

And less we forget, the Day of The Dead is nearly here.

Peace out.

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