06 August 2010

V casts their Diana and guess who's playing her?

At last months San Diego Comic-Con, show runner Scott Rosenbaum hinted that the mother of Anna, leader of the Visitors on ABC’s remake of V would be appearing. Who would be playing the recurring role was not mentioned, however TV Guide has confirmed that the role of Diana will be played by none other than Jane Badler, who played Diana, the villainous leader of the aliens out to suck the water off the Earth, back in the NBC version. So, while her character name will remain the same, the question is, will this Diana have any link to the other Diana, or have they transplanted the character and just given her a new history?

Badler, who made a career out of playing villains, has spent the last 20 years living in Australia -where the revived Mission: Impossible TV series was filmed from 1988 to 90 - married to businessman Stephen Hains. They have two sons, Sam and Harry. For the last 4 months, she’s been on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, playing another villain, Diana Marshall.

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