09 September 2010


Tomorrow finishes my first week back at work after my three week film shoot up in beautiful city of Seattle. Judas Kiss wrapped principle photography at 4am Sunday. It was, perhaps, the best time I've ever had. Sure it was hard -12 hour days, six days a week (and the final week of overnights) - but I cannot say when I've so much fun.

Since the film is set on at a school, we filmed on location at the University Of Washington, a sprawling campus that was equally impressive in size as well as beauty. The weather, which started hot and humid for the first four days, turned pleasant for the remainder of the shoot. The legendary clouds, rain and cool weather near materialized. Well, we did have clouds, and some lite rain, but nothing that might want me to move away to sunnier, warmer climates. Oh sure, those three weeks should not be used as a barometer, but it sure was a pretty place. I could, maybe, see myself living up there when California finally gets too rich for me.

Since being back, I've dived back into work at Borders. It's one place, sadly, that stays the same. It's continued focus on the wrong things will doom it. But I don't care anymore. My plans are to be out of there before Christmas. And while I know I've said that before (what's that sound, maybe a broken record?), but I have the confidence to say that I will not be there this holiday season (so listen up, the Gods of Good Fortune).

I've posted pics over at my Facebook page on Seattle and Judas Kiss (judaskissmovie.com). If you go there, please sign up on the Judas Kiss fan page as well. If you do, you can see where the film is as post-production ramps up.

One of things that location filming causes is a lack of TV viewing. The long hours prevent you from enjoying such things. As a matter of fact, this past Saturday (when I watched the Notre Dame football game with Richard Harmon) was the first time in three weeks I had watched any TV. Found out I did not miss it. But it was August. Nothing is on in August.


The weekend ahead brings me back to my usual routine, but one now filled with a purpose. I hope I can live up to them. But only time and fate will tell.


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