27 September 2011

Tactical Error

In one his last public appearances before his death of cancer at the age of 56, musician Warren Zevon told David Letterman "I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years."

Now, as I sit trying to figure out my next step in this oh so short life, I'm thinking the same thing. Except it was college I made the tactical error with. Unless I get a huge break, some sort of odd good luck (does that really exist? Depends, I guess, on how you view the world), I'm never going to have enough money to live comfortably, let alone just live.

On one hand, I got some friends who want me to go back to school to either get an associates degree or BA. How I pay for this in the age of cutbacks is beyond me. While going back may help me a bit, it sure is not a guarantee of a better job with extra money. Which also proves nothing in life is a guarantee. Still, after 30 years of working, with all my experience, I still looked as a failure because I  never went to college.

I am, of course, the one to blame for that. I had the chance, but I squandered it. Now, I'm paying for it. And will continue to pay for it until I deem at what time it is safe to leave.


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