17 April 2014

Putting "Wolf Hall" down

Have you ever been with a group of people who tell you that The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show on TV but you just don't get it?

Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall is that way for me. So many people think it's brilliant while I can't contain enough interest to finish it. Which is very rare -I generally never try to put a book down without finishing it. But there are pages and pages that go on where I'm not sure who is actually speaking.

Unfortunately I'm giving up on this book at page 237 -which is about a third of the way through it. Though, I'm really disappointed in myself that I'm unable to get into this book -so many critics and book people have raved about it and it won the prestigious Booker Prize (the British version of the Pulitzer) in 2009. I just found the prose exceptionally dense and confusing. 

Moving on.

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