13 December 2014

Books: Covenant of Justice (Trackers #2) By David Gerrold (1994)

The Phaestor have established a reign of blood and terror. Now the genetically engineered predators have set in motion their final plan for the complete enslavement of the galaxy. But they will not go unopposed. For on numerous worlds, humans, androids, and bioforms have joined forces against their vampiric overlords. As those entrusted with the wisdom of the galaxy sanction the struggle against the Phaestor, a cunning Vampire war queen, her ambitious suitor, and the fierce and invincible Dragon Lord vie for total domination. Standing in the way are the rebels from Thoska-Roole: a band of malcontents, outnumbered and pursued, fighting for their freedom, their lives, and the future of the stars.

The continuation of Trackers now focuses more on Sawyer and Finn as they lead the rag-tag group across the stars in search of a TimeBinder who can aide them in bringing down the Phaestor's. Here Gerrold continues to make the action and the future space traveling universe very real. Like the last one, the humor is key to the novel's success. The delicate balance of believable sibling rivalry and not falling into typical sitcom one-liners is handled very well here. 

Still, there was many times I felt I was reading Gerrold's take on Star Wars -though the mythology of that franchise has been around since forever. It's not to say that's a bad thing, as the characters do react more logically than most in this genre, but there was never a doubt the ending though. 

Gerrold continues to put his characters into moral dilemma's and gives us a great ideas on how to solve them. That's what good science fiction does, it tests the human condition, it puts humanity up to the light, and how we react to that is what defines us. I'm also learning, as I read his stuff, he likes court room drama. He repeats those set pieces in other novels.

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