28 December 2016

Reading Rainbow: Books Read in 2016

UPDATE:  Finished one more book for 63 total read books in 2016.

So as we are a few days from closing the door on 2016, I post my annual “Books Read in…” I’ve always wanted to read 52 books for 52 weeks but time, tide, and other things prevented me from doing it. Even when I started a new cycle this year, I did not set a goal of accomplishing this goal. In the end, it just sort of happened. I got through 62 books. It even amazes me.

I still love my sci-fi/fantasy novels, though read a few standard fiction titles.

Anyways, the elimination of cable probably helped. Since I've time-shifted what few TV shows I do watch to Netflix and Hulu, it's freed up some more hours to read. I’ve also stopped seeing movies, for the most part, which saved me money and time. Money, as always, was a factor as well. Even though I got a promotion at Goodwill to Team Lead, the money bump was not significant to get me out the hole I got myself into.

Plus, as always, when not reading, I was posting crap on my FB page about this years election.

But I don’t think I’ll repeat this feat in 2017. Part of it is because I don’t think we’ll all be around once Trump takes office on January 20. My dreams and nightmares are full of Death, with him and his Neo-Nazi cohorts leading the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

But at least I lived long enough to see my beloved Cubs win the World Series -which may be the only bright spot for me in this horrible year of loss. 

I do plan on re-reading the Harry Potter novels and Stephen King's Dark Tower series because it's been so long and I just want to do it. Still, I got five books already lined up and two awaiting arrival at the library, so I'm not sure when I'll begin those.  

The best book I read this year, hands down, was The Hike by Drew Magary. It's a great, very odd, very original read. The one the filled me with the most disappointment was The Buried Giant By Kazuo Ishiguro.

That is, if you were wondering...

01. Saturn Run By John Sandford & Ctein

02. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman

03. Career of Evil By Robert Galbraith

04. Star Wars: Aftermath By Chuck Wendig

05. Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka

06. Star Wars: The Force Awakens By Alan Dean Foster

07. The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards By Kristopher Jansma

08. The Buried Giant By Kazuo Ishiguro

09. Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi by Jason Fry

10. Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run By Greg Rucka

11. Star Wars: Moving Target By Cecil Castellucci and Jason Fry

12. The Universe Versus Alex Woods By Gavin Extence

13. Midnight Riot By Ben Aaronovitch

14. Morning Star By Pierce Brown

15. Arcadia By Iain Pears

16. Medusa’s Web By Tim Powers

17. Why We Came To The City By Kristopher Jansma

18. Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

19. A Darker Shade of Magic By V.E. Schwab

20. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green

21. The Pirates of Perilous by John DeChancie

22. A Gathering of Shadows By V.E. Schwab

23. The Crown Tower By Michael J. Sullivan

24. The Crown Conspiracy By Michael J. Sullivan

25. Uprooted By Naomi Novik

26. Boy’s Life By Robert McCammon

27. HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

28. Chicago By Brian Doyle

29. Nobody’s Fool By Richard Russo

30. Star Trek: Elusive Salvation By Dayton Ward

31. A Wrinkle in Time By Madeleine L’Engle

32. The Fireman By Joe Hill

33. Star Wars: Bloodline By Claudia Gray

34. Everybody’s Fool By Richard Russo

35. End of Watch By Stephen King
36. Britt-Marie Was Here By Fredrik Backman

37. Assassin’s Apprentice By Robin Hobb

38. Star Trek: Legacies: Captain to Captain by Greg Cox

39. Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt By Chuck Wendig

40. Dark Run By Mike Brooks

41. One Damned Thing After Another By Jodi Taylor

42. The Hike By Drew Magary

43. Stiletto By Daniel O’Malley 

44. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child By Jack Thorne, JK Rowling, John Tiffany

45. Star Trek: Legacies: Best Defense By David Mack

46. The Nix By Nathan Hill

47. Star Trek: Legacies: Purgatory’s Key By Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

48. Another Day, Another Dungeon by Greg Costikyan

49. The Tripods: The White Mountains By John Christopher

50. The Tripods: The City of Gold and Lead by John Christopher

51. The Tripods: The Pool of Fire by John Christopher

52. The Flying Sorcerers by David Gerrold & Larry Niven

53. The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey

54. Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square by William Sutton

55. The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams

56. The Handmaid’s Tale By Margaret Atwood

57. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

58. The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

59.  The Shadows of What Was Lost by James Islington

60. Moonglow By Michael Chabon

61.  Star Wars: Catalyst by James Luceno

62. Babylon’s Ashes by James S.A. Corey

63. Girl Waits With Gun By Amy Stewart

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