31 December 2011

Final Post of 2011

With the ending of 2011 today, I'm hoping that 2012 becomes a better year. The year started with questions about Borders further existence. The company was on the ropes, and was hoping the 2010 holiday season would see us make even a small bit of profit. But soon, we learned, that did not happen.

Borders began not paying vendors and eventually announced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and began to reorganize. It was forced to close 220 Borders at first, then hoped that with the remaining 400 or so, it could survive. By July it became apparent that Borders was finally doomed. By the end of September, a 40 year-old company was gone. And I was unemployed.

Which is where I remain on this December 31.

I have mixed emotions with 2012, an election year and the continued downturn in the economy. I have no idea when, or if I'll find a job. One of the many reasons Borders failed was its inability to evolve. Sadly, I'm in the same position. Retail is what I know, but it's a dying -or becoming just a collection of a few gigantic corporations- due to the internet.

And what I know most is books, though I can do anything in retail. I'm just one to believe that what is not that important with in a retail environment is the shareholder. Anyways, I'm aware that the book business is evolving, but I remain hopeful the physical book is not going the way of LP's (though they're still preseed for dance bars).

And the sad part is maybe even I have failed to evolve. My resistance to buy an e-reader just kinda of proves it, right?

So with the end of 2011, I'm hoping things brighten in 2012. But I'm sadly thinking -even though I will try- that more or less, things will remain the same.

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