22 December 2011


For months now, Ridley Scott has denied again and again that Prometheus is a prequel to his classic 1979 film Alien. Today's trailer seems to indicate that its some sort of hybrid of that film. IO9 did a frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer, and it seems to confirm that this new film will take place sometime before Ellen Ripley ever entered the picture. Since the original film never told us at what point in the future it is set, it's hard to judge where this film will fit in the timeline. One of the problems of doing a prequel 30 plus years later is the technology has advanced. Back in 1979, some of the stuff -especially the computer core- was probably somewhat cutting edge. Now, in 2011 those intervening decades have made what we saw then extremely archaic. So, how many years this film will take place before Alien, and more importantly how different the technology is will be interesting to see. I mean, Star Trek: Enterprise certainly does not fit in with canon (on so many levels), but years from now, watching the franchise in linear fashion will be jarring.

So you take this film and put it ahead of Alien and its going to be very obvious these films were made a long-time apart.

So how much of Prometheus is a prequel will probably answered in the coming months. But, like  The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises trailer, 2012 looks to be a great year in visual filmmaking.The

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