08 July 2006

Meeting Ed Sanders at my Borders Book Store

So, the other day I'm getting ready to leave work, and end up helping a guy find a book. While I'm doing that, I see another customer close by, looking around, obviously trying to find a section. As I take the other person to where his book is, I tell the second guy who's looking around that I'm be right with him.

And when he speaks, it confirms with his accent that I know who this second guy is.

Ever since I relocated to California, my family asks if I've met anyone famous. No, being close to LA, I always thought it was a possability, but out in Rancho?

With my roommate, I've meet several stars at autograph signings. These people are mostly the ones who were popular during the 70's and 80's with some thrown in from the 90's.

I mean, a few weeks ago I met the very nice parents of sci fi author Barbara Hambly, who I met 20 years ago.

Anyway, back to Wednesday. So, after helping the first guy out, the second guy -who I now know is Ed Sanders from ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - as about some interior decorating books, as he's building a home in a nearby town.

I show Ed the section, but on the way I ask him how the show is doing and are they filming for the next season. We chat and explains production was beginning in a few days and this would be his last season on the show. I asked about the schedule, and he said that was the main reason he was making this coming season his last. Gone for 10 months out of the year, he said he's missing his son growing up.

He said he was an actor, and wanted to get back to that. First thing I noticed was that Ed is taller than most actors I've met ove the last 10 months. I'm tall, about 6'3" and usally tower over many of these actors. I'm one of the tallest in the crew of Hidden Frontier.

Plus, he was just as hot in real life as on TV. Dressed in a T Shirt and shorts with his sexy feet in flip flops. And just as sweet. While we did not have the book he was looking for, I did find him some that was close. I left him to his search.

So, my real first in counter with a current Hollywood TV personality.


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