03 July 2006

Star Magazines' pointless cover story

So, I'm at Stater Bros. yesterday, buying some groceries. Now, I generally pay little attention to the rags at the check-out. People Magazine, US Weekly and the tabloids are all nothing but useless trash. The lady in front of me -who was with her 20 something daughter -had just bought a People Magazine and while the groceries are more important, all the daughter was concerned about was the People.
Anyways, the tabloid mag, The Star had a front cover ddevoted to skinny Hollywood girls, and pointing out the obvious that nimrods like Nichole Ritchie are so thin they look like corpses.
I picked it up, for no reason really. Then I opened the cover to the first page, and there the Star is showing a picture of Reese Witherspoon with her kids, and complaining on how heavy she is.
These damn, stupid, pointless magazines, that damn , stupid teenage girls think are their bibles, read this and see a conflicting image. And the Star -which looks to be trying to make a statement about skinny actresses - then says another actress is too heavy seems to defeat its purpose of the cover story.


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