21 December 2006

The Center Cannot Hold

It's time to put my money where my mouth is, as Rob has finally agreed to let me direct an episode of Hidden Frontier. Starting this January -almost a year after meeting the cast and crew of HF - I'll helm the penultimate episode, The Center Cannot Hold. I've been dropping hints for weeks, and at the Christmas party last week, I think he finally thought it was time to let me do it.

Beo will AD for me, what a sweetheart.

I'm totally excited about this, and a bit scared. After watching all the directors of HF, Jenn, Risha, JT, Adam, I've learned a great deal from them, especially JT. As a real actor and director, he knows people and their motives and moods. After reading the script, I got some ideas of what I want to do, without getting too "first time director" crazy.

There's some action, but witht eh aide of both JT, Rob and Beo, I'm hoping not to come off too much of an ass.

Rob will helm the final episode, as he did with the series opener. That promises to be the most complex -and probably longest episode - of the entire series, with 7.07 and 7.08 coming in close to 2 hours (The Center Cannot Hold should run about 40 minutes, while 7.08 is rumored to run a little over an hour).

Like 7.05/7.06, these two episodes will film together, but Rob hopes to have my episode ready for the official wrap party -and final day of shooting - on April 28.

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