25 May 2009

Movie: Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band (2008)

In this documentary, we see the behind the scenes look at the first punk/gay band from their beginning to the present. Like Jon Ginoli's recent book, the movie more or less tells the story of how the band was formed and how -as fate or what ever you want to call it -snagged them when Green Day wanted them for their opening act just as the punk band was really getting big.

You get to see plenty of old video footage of them singing in the small clubs and hear the history of what has become legendary about them -well, besides the lyrics to their songs - the never ending search for a drummer.

I enjoyed the film as much as Jon's book and one can't help but get a sense that despite their initial thought that no one would expect them to become half as popular as they did, you have to think that, with Jon's lyrics, that from the very start, Pansy Division was destined to be what they are today.

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