20 July 2009


So a quick update here:

Yesterday was the 41 st anniversary of the death of my father from cancer. He would've been 74 this year, had he lived. Each year reminds me how odd it is that he's been gone that long.

An HF Production fan, who has now become a good friend, flew in from St. Louis to spend time with his new family of friends. He's staying at my place for two days before I send him off to a hotel for the remainder of his time here! Today we have no set plans, but probably heading to Santa Monica. Tomorrow we head to Disneyland to celebrate his 21st birthday -he gets in free!!!

Saw HP6 last night, as well. However, I got a major headache and could barely keep my eyes open to watch the whole thing. It's certainly different from the previous five, much darker and very adultish -despite the kids growing up antics. I will be seeing it again.

Also, on Saturday I went to Outfest with JayTee and Carlos to see the thriller Pornography that stars Star Trek: Odyssey star Matt Montgomery. A full review will follow in a few days, but all I can say now about it is I should not have to see a film three or four times to understand it.

Oh, and the pics are the first released on the filming of Doctor Who season five, with new Doctor Matt Smith and companion Karen Gillan, playing Amy.

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m000se said...

so hoping to like the new Doctor. the last one is allot to live up to!