03 July 2009

Palin resigns; how soon will she join Faux News?

If this is a strategic move by her to spend a few years boning up on how to become president in 2012, I’m confused by it. To me, it seems almost counterproductive. Staying in office would give her justifiable experience to say she should be the Commander and Chief. Moving out now seems to indicate -to me- that there is something going on, and by playing the smoke and mirror card a day before America celebrates its birthday to get (maybe what she hopes) is a boost in her jingoistic, extremely conservative fan base, seems nothing short of a pathetic attempt to hide her real reasons for this resignation. Many can cite those pesky ethic issues that have dogged her since she returned to Alaska (and granted, most have been dismissed) and can say she backpedaled on her decision to reject federal stimulus funds, but it doesn’t take a Columbo to sense all is not right in the private life of one Sarah Palin.

I believe that is where lies the truth (though I would still not dismiss political wrong doings on her part). But the truth is nothing politicians can ever tell, for fear of alienating their contingency. It takes a bold person, with no fear, no worry to tell the honest truth.

She wants to be president.

I get that.

More power to her.

But unless she spends the next year or so getting a brain upgrade from the folks at Wolfram & Hart, I don’t see her succeeding. Plainly, the more center right conservatives will not vote for her (though they may shill for her). And even if President Obama’s plans only half succeed, Palin and her far right fan base still have to deal with the fact that they are seen as out of date, way too rich old white guys who legislate not for the people, but for themselves. And Black America will not vote for her.

So, what’s the real deal, Ms Palin? What has moved you to resign? What hides in the dark corner of your soul that might’ve come out had you stayed governor until you announce your presidency in 2010? Are you hoping that by doing this, by the time 2010 comes around, people will be convinced its more important to elect a fear-mongering Christian than the right person for the job?

One last thing: How soon before she joins Faux News to bitch about the presidents lack of progress in getting the US out of this recession?

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Bowler said...

by now her friends and foes have had a chance to react to Palin's announcement, now for the late-night shows...