04 April 2010


So, while filming our Star Trek fan series on Sunday, we all felt the 7.2 earthquake that rattled Baja, California. It was not severe by the time the wave hit here. It felt like a soft ride on roller skates -this being a "rolling" quake. Anyways, it did not last long -maybe all of 10 seconds, but it was another reminder of where I chosen to live. Like 4.4 earthquake we had here two weeks ago that was just about 10 miles from here, I find them interesting. Sadly, it is also a reminder that if we were to have a strong, damaging quake, this house is not ready for it.

They say we should have water and food stuff, batteries, a radio and what not for several days after a quake. If the water got cut off, along with the gas and power, we would be pretty much screwed. So, in many ways, these two rumbles of the land are telling me to get prepared.

Fun thing is, I was in the foothills surrounding Pasadena when we felt the quake. My house mate -just 25 miles east of me, in a relatively low area of La Verne (well over a 1,000 feet above sea level), did not feel it.

Friends in Santa Monica did not feel it either.

And not wanting to sound like something is going to happen, but only 9 minutes after the Baja quake, a 4.1 quake rattled Santa Rosa -about and hour or so north of San Francisco.

Strange frequencies.

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