17 April 2010

The Tea Party of the Misinformed

A recent NYT’s poll showed that the Tea Party people were predominantly white, predominantly male and over the age of 45 and who were more conservative than most people and who made substantially more money on average and were better educated.

I found this very interesting, if only because they have accused, in the past, that President Obama is just too smart for the Average Joe’s of these great United States of America. Yet if the poll numbers are true, then they not just a smart as Obama? So what’s the deal here?

There is also an interesting bit in the poll that seems to indicate to these people that Obama is helping black people over whites, which further proves these Tea Party people are a bit on the racist side, even though they try to deny it (and even though such as a group like these Tea Party people would historically be very anti-black). Take for example, a Washington Post article about the demonstrators who gathered at the Freedom Plaza in Washinton this past Thursday. One of the guys there, Jerry Johnson, 58, a lawyer from Berryville, Va. was asked why he was there by the Post. Johnson expressed opposition to Obama by saying "It's not just because he's black."

So, did you get that? It’s not JUST because he’s black.

These people, while probably well meaning in some regards, wrap themselves in the American flag, claiming they are patriots with roots that go back to the Founding Fathers (as flawed as they were, being slave owners and all). However, much like the Catholic Church I was brought up in, when you poke around their history, when you show their logic has no merits, when you shine the light of truth into the dark corners of their reality, they become nothing more than bullies trying to protect what they’re not really losing (such as this Forbes article on taxes).

I do think my Commander and Chief should be smarter than the average bear. But I fear the Republicans and the Tea Party people want to bait and switch the people of USA into electing a leader -whether it be Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney - who can easily manipulate the less educated into thinking that it does not take brains to run this country, just some good all know-how taken from a Martha Stewart magazine article or a pretend world of the 1950s where black people knew their place, where the homosexuals where deep in the closet, and where the reality never even came through your TeeVee.

I have seen the enemy, and they cannot spell, or think for themselves. It will be a sorry, sad world, if these brain trusts get the keys to the kingdom.

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