04 May 2010

Doctor Who: Season Five Rumors (SPOLIERS):

Rory, Amy's boyfriend, dies at the end of episode nine, Cold Blood. Amy, apparently, “forgets” Rory ever existed. .

Amy appears also not to remember him during Vincent and The Doctor, the Vincent Van Gogh story, which airs after Cold Blood.

Young Amelia Pond will reappear in the season finale, as she goes to visit the "Anomaly Exhibition" at the National Museum (another hint that there is some paradox going on). And rumor has it all sorts of baddies will turn up, including the Weeping Angels. Also in the finale: Chrissie Cotterill's character from the Van Gogh episode (speculation has it, the Pandoricum is a space where everything that's been swallowed by The Crack goes, and when it's opened, everything spills out).

Despite these paradoxes, Amy and Rory have to marry in the season finale, because time will go boom.

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