07 April 2011

Judas Kiss begins its circuit

Last week at this time, I was in Phoenix. I had gone with my friends J.T. Tepnapa, Jody Wheeler and Charlie Brewer for the world premiere of J.T.'s first film, JUDAS KISS (both Jody and Charlie were investors in this indie drama). It was playing at the Phoenix Film Festival, on Friday April 1st and it was great to see this film play there first, if only because while it is a gay film, it seems more appropriate that it should play at a mainstream film festival.

JUDAS KISS stars Charlie David (Mulligans) as failed filmmaker Zachary Wells, who is convinced by his friend, hotshot director Topher Shadoe, to replace him as a judge in Keystone Summit University's annual film festival. His first night, Zach hooks up with a student at a bar. He's shocked the next morning when the same student walks into an interview calling himself Danny Reyes (rising superstar Richard Harmon, co-star of AMC's new series The Killing), a name Zach knows very well. And Danny's film, "Judas Kiss", is a finalist in the competition Zach is judging. Zach's film with the same title won the festival years before. As Zach scrambles for answers, a mysterious, chain-smoking campus tour guide counsels him: "Change the kid's past, change your future." Zach sees Danny on the verge of making his same mistakes. Zach decides he can mend his life by getting Danny's film disqualified, prompting a confrontation between Danny and his father about their family's dark past.

The film also stars adult actor Brent Corrigan as C.W. (being credited in his real name) and another rising star, European actor/singer Timo Descamps as Shane Lyons.

On Friday last week, the film got bumped out its first theater due to selling out. It was moved to a larger theater, where it was filled to about 75%. It eventually rated a 4.7 out if 5 stars!

Its next festival appearance will be April 22nd at 13th Annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The Boston LGBT Film Festival is next and has programmed the feature on its closing night, Saturday, May 14.

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