18 April 2011


The Republicans have an agenda, one that returns America back to the days of the rich and the poor. And the best way to do it, is to attack working Americans in their pocket books, wallets and homes.

They want to steal Social Security for the guys on Wall Street, who bought their elections. Steal medicare and give it to private insurance companies who can charge even higher fees, thus ensuing only the rich can afford any kind of quality of health care. They're also attacking women and child's health care, by taking away programs such as school lunches and Planned Parenthood.

Unions are strong, sometimes have too much power, but they want to eliminate over a centuries worth regulations that protect workers from employers who's greed of money outweighs the safety of workers. Hey, they also want to eliminate minimum wage.

Hey, the Republicans also want to expand free trade so even more companies will leave the United States.

So, if your a working American, just know the Republicans and the Tea Party are out to screw you over.

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