05 March 2006

Brokeback wins 3 Oscars but Hollywood still won't come out of the closet

While I wanted it to win, I knew Crash was going to take the Best Film at the Oscars tonight, if only because it was more social themed film than Brokeback. Still, as my roommate said, Hollywood supports gays from the closet. Critics and other have given Brokeback more awards than Crash (and which came out early in 2005), but are unwilling to go "all the way" and say its the Best Picture of the Year. Some have called it homophobia, which I'm sure plays apart.

But, I can also see through the smoke screen that comes out of Hollywood. Tha Oscars are still run by a bunch of old white people, who still (no matter what the Right says) plays it safe. I choose Giamatti because I wanted him to win, but Clooney won based on the fact he is Hollywood royalty and has paid his dues for over 25 plus years in the business. I just had hoped that maybe, they were changing. Giving the Oscar to the 3 6 Mafia was supposed to give the world the impression that the Oscars are hip.

Giving Crash Best Picture was suppose to be just like the song, showing that Hollywood is hip to racism. But no matter how you look at it, racism is still going strong, from here in LA or to my home town of Chicago, were people play the racism card for everything under the sun. Crash's win will change nothing, were Brokeback Mountain could've been a watershed in Oscar history. Sure, the movie was either ignored (I'm sure some members didn't even watch it) or made some of the uncomfortable. Which is, from my opinion, better than the racism at the heart of Crash. While most white folks deal fairly well with racism, by either avoiding it or ignoring it, others see homosexuality as a greater "sin" for lack of better term. For the Oscar voters, to them it was more conscious to give it to Crash, because they look socially responsible.

But it was the worst of two evils for them, maybe. Giving it to Brokeback might've caused some backlash -however doubtful, because the Right still likes the money these films make. But, then again, I could be wrong.

But, while I don't want to come off a victim, but after so many awards, so many accolades, so many changed minds, for Crash to win Best Picture just smacked of disingenuous attitude from the folks at the Oscars. Playing it safe, predictable and just mechanical are their motives. If the Oscars want the ratings to go up, they need to really show the world they are willing to give to the best deserving film instead of just being socially responsible.

So, Brokeback Mountain walked away with 3, Best Director, Adapted Screenplay and Original Score. I had hoped for a fourth, in Cineatography, but it was not meant to be. Crash also walked away with three awards, as did King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha.

revised: 3/8/06

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Hanuman1960 said...

I still say that they were robbed!