15 March 2006

Glactica's delay might be Doctor Who's gain?

With the announcment that the third season of Battlestar Galactica will not debut on Sci Fi until October has sent fans into a tizzy. However, there may be a reason, beyond Ronald D. Moore's comment at the Grand Slam convention this past weekend that "it was a network decision." NBC/Universal, which ownes Sci Fi, could be looking for a new hit. Speculation and rapid rumor suggests that NBC will want to show the revamped series this fall on the network, with second runnings on Sci Fi in October.

The Peacock network has fallen to third place behind CBS and ABC in all important 18-49 demographic and is need of hit. And while its a good bet Surface will be cancelled, NBC could stay in the sci fi game by bringing Galactica to the network. Plus, with a solid fan base and stories that feel current, the new BG could gain an even larger following.

Meanwhile, with this delay, another specualtion is who or what will fill BG's timeslot this July when both Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis return. And who might just be the second season of the revamped Doctor Who. The first season of show debuts on this Friday, March 17, with a showing of two episodes. Now, following the show week to week over the next 13 weeks (which should include the Christmas episode), it would end on June 9.

The second season of Who begins airing in April in the UK, with the show ending in late June. If ratings for Who are strong enough here in the States (and my guess is that is a moot point; I'm betting Sci Fi already has an agreement to air that second season, but is waiting), we could see that season with only a minimal delay. In theory, Sci Fi could start that second season the same night as when both Stargate's return. Then, when Doctor Who's ends its second season they could go right into Battlestar's third season.

It's my guess, we'll see if it bares any fruit.

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