11 March 2006

Grand Slam 2006

Went to my first sci fi convention in perhaps a decade or more. I stopped going to them for a few reasons, but most blame can be put on the fans. My best friend Marc once told me I have a healthy obsession with Star Trek, and know where to draw the line.

Still, I spent all day with the Hidden Frontier bunch, Jenn, Barbara, Rob and PK. Just talking, looking at the people and (at most times) keeping my opinion to myself. Bill and Tim were off getting their autographs and seeing the stars talk about their respective shows/movies.

Got to meet DS9's Leeta,Chase Masterson, whom Bill has had a friendship over the years, and talked a bit from Farscape actress Virginia Hey about her own homemade candle and soap line. Close by the HF table (in the very chilly "annex" area that resembled a parking garage) was Wil Wheaton(Wesley Crusher) and Suzie Plakson (TNG and VOY). Also there was Jay Laga'aia, who played Captain Typho in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (and who is hot). The annex was the area that the stars also had to through for the photo-op, where a professional photographer took pictures of you and the star. So, I saw Brent Spiner, Jared Padalecki (hot, also), and Naveen Andrews (hot, and shorter than I imagened, as are most of these stars).

Perhaps the highlight of the day, was going out to dinner with Bill, Tim and Don (a military guy whom Bill met a few years ago at a convention. Great voice and real personable). What Bill failed to mention was that joining us was Herb Jerfferson, Boomer on the old Battlestar Galactica TV series. It seems all of these guys share the same interest in space program, and I was amazed and a little surprised on what these guys knew, especially Don who whip smart.

It was cool, and I enjoyed myself.

But the fans who dressed their two dogs up in Starfleet uniforms need to be arrested. Animals should never be dressed up. Its just not right.

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