17 May 2006

CBS announces fall 2006-07 schedule

The number one network, CBS, pulled only four new shows out their Tiffany jewel box for the fall. It’s tough being the most watched network -especially after years of being the butt of many jokes.

Sunday: As expected, with it being the last hold out of the Sunday Night Movie, CBS has finally decided to do away it, and will keep 60 Minutes at its usual 7pm slot, but will follow the next three hours by relocating The Amazing Race, Cold Case and Without a Trace.

Monday at 8 will find the relocated How I Met Your Mother, followed by the new comedy The Class, which is about former elementary school classmates who have lost touch, but are brought together 20 years later, and find out they have more in common than their third-grade teacher. Two and Half Men and The New Adventures of Old Christine return at 9 followed by CSI: Miami.

Tuesday remains the same, with NCIS at 8 followed by The Unit at 9. The new drama Smith takes over the 10pm hour. This Ray Liotta thriller is about a team of career criminals who plan and executes elaborate, high-stakes heists, all the while its leader tries to keep up appearances of a normal life.

Wednesday begins with Jericho, a semi genre/drama about a small town is cut off from the rest of the world after a nuclear disaster. Skeet Ulrich (Miracles), Gerald McRaney (Deadwood) and Pamela Reed star. Criminal Minds and CSI: NY fill out the night.

Thursday remains as it was last year, with Survivor at 8 followed by the original CSI at 9. The new drama Shark, takes over the vacated Without a Trace 10pm slot, and is about a celebrity lawyer who gives up private practice to become a prosecutor. James Woods and Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) star.

Friday’s schedule is the exact one from May, with The Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home and Numb3rs taking up the three hours.

Black Hole Saturday: CBS will schedule a 2 hour block of CSI reruns followed by 48 Hours: Mystery.

Waiting in the wings: 3 LBS, stars Stanley Tucci as a brilliant neurosurgeon who takes a rising star in the field under his wing. The comedy Rules of Engagement stars Patrick Warburton and is about two couples and their single friend, who are at different stages in their relationships, and how they deal with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage. Joe Pantoliano stars in the drama Waterfront, about the very colorful, sometimes rule breaking mayor of Providence, R.I.

Into the cancel bin: Courting Alex, Love Monkey, Out of Practice, Still Standing, Threshold, Yes, Dear

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Jericho looks great. Saw the promo video at www.cbs.com