18 May 2006

The CW announces 2006-07 schedule

The new CW will play it safe, at least for the first year of its existence. Culling the best from both UPN and The WB, the new network will only add two new shows (while one Frog network show is up in the air).

The Sunday schedule goes like this: Everybody Hates Chris starts off the night at 7pm, followed by All of Us. Girlfriends returns at 8 followed by its spin-off The Game, about a woman who is about to learn the realities of dating a pro football player; all the glitz and the disadvantages. America’s Next Top Model (rerun edition) finishes out the night.

Monday begins with the once thought dead, but resurrected (for at least 13 episodes) 7th Heaven, heading into season 11. Next up is Runaway, a drama about a man wrongfully accused of murder who packs up his family and moves them to Iowa under assumed names. Things become dangerous, though, when both the law and the real killer begin sniffing around. Donnie Walhberg will star.

Tuesday brings the return of Gilmore Girls for season 7 followed by season 3 of Veronica Mars.

Wednesday brings original episode of America’s Next Top Model, followed by the third season of One Tree Hill.

Thursday remains the same as this past winter with Smallville heading into season 6, while Supernatural returns for season two.

Friday is devoted to Friday Night Smackdown.

Waiting in the wings is Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson’s new drama, Hidden Palms. The premise is like The O.C. set in Palm Springs, as a teen coping with his father's death begins to slowly notice the secrets held by the people in his outwardly flawless neighborhood.

The WB's Canceled Shows: The Bedford Diaries, Blue Collar TV, Charmed, Everwood, Just Legal, Living with Fran, Modern Men, Pepper Dennis, Related, Survival of the Richest, Twins, and What I Like About You.

UPN's Canceled Shows: Cuts, Eve, Get This Party Started, Half & Half, Love, Inc., One on One, Sex, Love & Secrets and South Beach.

In Limbo: While new episodes have been ordered, Reba’s return to the schedule is not guaranteed.

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Verdant said...

Hey David!

I probably won't be coming down to LA for a while. My comic book is taking up all of my weekends and all my $$$. But I would love to swing down for the wrap party. That's going to be so amazing!

Anyway, thanks for the update on the CW. I'm so happy Veronica Mars made it!