27 May 2006

Sci Fi's Bonnie Hammer is a nutjob

What the hell is happening to the Sci Fi Channel? Granted, never has the network lived up to its expectations, but the nut-job that runs the network, some bean-counter-yes-person named Bonnie Hammer seems to not want to make anything than another version of Spike TV.

It seems -for some odd reason - wrestling is coming to the network this summer. "Research tells us that there's a healthy appetite for wrestling among SciFi viewers," said Hammer (and you go on and continue to believe that, sister), president of USA and SciFi Channel, in a release. "With ECW, we're able to deliver to those fans unique action with a twist that's perfect for SciFi."

This is the person that put Farscape out of its misery, folks. What is happening here, of course, is another woman who has no idea what its core audience wants. She cares more about the bottom business line than making the channel worthy of watching.

Just what the fuck does wrestling has to do with sci-fi?

But then, I can’t explain why Passions is airing on the network either.

The Sci Fi network has always had great potential and occasionally tries to live up to some of the promises it planed when it launched in 1992. While I can forgive it for becoming the resting place of old sci fi shows, it has also blurred the line, with "reality" shows like Ghost Hunters and John Edwards and that strange prank show with the an even nuttier Shannen Doherty. And what was that show about normal people living with stereotypical genre fans?

Farscape, the Dune mini-series and Battlestar Galactica have proven the network can -when giving the writers/producers creative freedom - excellent programming. And while I have no real qualms with their schlock Saturday Night movies -if only because they are SO bad, they are fun to watch - because they do make money for the network, I still have to ask just what the fuck does wrestling has to do with sci-fi?

Instead of trying to make run-of-the-mill genre programs every time, I suggest that each program you attempt you put your best effort into it. If I want bad TV, I’ll watch Spike or MTV, or even the 700 Club.

But, Bonnie, what the hell are you thinking with?


Anonymous said...

"another woman"? sounds a bit nasty. how about "ANOTHER PERSON". it's not about her being female, but about her being stupid.

oh, i suspect i know why they have Passions on - the spooky factor in it - and it sucks. i don't care for wrestling either. it's also a soap opera.

the only soap operas i want are ones that are in space, like Trek or B5 or Firefly or BSG and the like, aka 'Wagon Train in the stars'.

by the way, i am a gay sci-fi & fantasy loving female person.

Anonymous said...

by the way, Blade the series is coming to Spike. could be interesting. is this the start of Spike picking up the ball that SciFi Network has dropped?