30 August 2006

Arrested Deveploment: Season 3 on DVD

The final season of the best comedy in decades came out yesterday.

I struggle to find words as to why this show failed. Perhaps it was just too clever and too sly, and too bold for Joe American. And I've said for years that satire is lost on mainstream American's, so that could be it also.

So, the final insult that FOX could give this show was only ordering thirteen new episodes for the fall 2005-06 season, airing only 3 episodes in September before yanking it for a month of baseball in October. Then they aired only 2 episodes (back-to-back) in November followed by 3 in December -when people are out shopping for Christmas and when, generally, most of the networks run repeats. FOX then aired only one show in January before taking it off for 6 weeks and finally aired the final 4 episodes on one night, a Friday; against the always highly rated opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

While TV comedies are at an all time low, and such lame series as Two and Half Men are nominated for Emmy's as best comedy show (which went, this past Sunday, to My Name is Earl -which while a funny and clever show, pales to Arrested Development and even the highly underrated Scrubs), the loss makes me wonder where next great comedy series will come from.

I sense that in a few years -maybe even 10 - Arrested Development will become a classic - and people will wonder why such a brilliant show died so soon.

I know why, at least I think I do.

But I want to thanks series creator Mitch Hurwitz and the entire cast of AD for giving me some the best laughs in years. The show will long live in DVD for me and I will giggle at all the shows, even when I've watched them over and over again.

Long live Arrested Development.

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