05 August 2006

Doctor Who returns to Sci Fi on September 29

Outpost Gallifrey is reporting that Doctor Who’s second season -starring David Tennant and Billie Piper - will return on September 29 to the Sci Fi Channel. While it has not been “offically” announced, according to an NBC/Universal release (which is was published as a PDF form on the web site) for Sci Fi shows that Doctor Who returns to the schedule on that evening starting at 9pm EDT. It appears that Sci Fi will air two episodes that night -and then repeat them two hours later, which is their usual pattern.
The question is, will The Christmas Invasion be included? That special holiday episode runs 59 minutes, some 15 minutes longer than a standard Who episode. So either is could be skipped and shown at a later date, or with it heavily edited to fit the time. Sci Fi could extend it to 90 minutes, by adding an extended trailer for season 2, but there remains nearly 13 minutes unaccounted for. Still, Sci Fi has altered its schedule in the past, but it’s a good bet that the 2 episodes that premiere on September 29 will be New Earth and Tooth and Claw.

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