08 February 2007

Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

The death of Anna Nicole Smith's today at the age of 39 surprised me, yet some how I'm not. I will not be shocked, however, that once the inquest is done, it will be determined that she died of some kind of drug overdose -just like her son Daniel did back on September 7, 2006.

In someways, her life was tragic, but because she won the genetic lottery, she was able to hide from it. Which means, I guess, with drugs and booze. Plus, while I think she was smart, I still feel that she was a few tacos short of a combination platter. Which also, in many ways, helped her escape that sad part of fame.

To be honest, I feel since the death of her son 5 months ago, her time here on this mortal plane was limited. Even the birth of a new daughter was never going to replace the son she lost in September.

A drug overdose probably killed her, but like some have said, she really died of a broken heart.

May she find the peace in death that eluded her in life.

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