19 February 2007

Viva Las Vegas and more family stuff

I remember, years ago, a commercial on TV where an actor is pushing some kind of medicine, and he says “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television.” My guess is, that the image of a “trust-worthy TV actor doctor” was suppose to convince people to buy the product. I, of course, saw through that -as did many writers, as that ad became the joke of many comics.

On Sunday, I went to Las Vegas to see my Older Sister and her husband, who were taking a belated trip to Sin City after the last attempt in April 2006 was cancelled when my Younger Sister’s husband passed.

I went there knowing I would hear all the tales of what has been happening in YS life and her two kids, my niece and nephew. I had known that nephew had been thrown out of the house after flinging -in her direction - a steak knife near niece. Apparently, younger sister had finally decided that nephew -at age 19 - should learn what cause and effect is about (something I have been trying to tell and teach him for years).

Over the years, especially the last five, I was aware of things my sisters two kids were doing. But, this past weekend, when given the final puzzle pieces to certain things, I discovered I knew very little.

Granted, I did shy away from getting too involved with younger sisters kids, as she had made it clear on several occasions that they were her kids and she would dole out the punishment and what not. Fair, to me.

Case in point, my nieces losing here internet privileges. Now, what I thought I known about it turned even uglier this past weekend, when older sister told me the full truth about why niece had lost those privileges and why younger sister tried her hardest to keep dying husband’s family from being alone with him.

What I been told was the truth, but like Obi Wan in Return of the Jedi, it was from a certain point of view. I was told she had done and said some things on her myspace page that had caused her to be banned -nephew reconfigured the home computer with a log-on code that only he and his mother knew. It seems niece -who would’ve been late 13 or early 14 - had posted a nude picture of herself on the net. I tell you, this floored me on Sunday, standing in the middle of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas.

And, older sister informed me, this was why my late brother-in-laws sisters were not allowed to be alone with him during his final weeks on earth. They knew what niece had done, and they wanted to their brother what his daughter had done and what his wife NOT doing about it. Younger sister apparently felt this was info he did not need (and maybe so, but...) And older sister informed me that our brother-in-law died never knowing this. The truth was kept from him, by my younger sister, if only because brother-in-laws family already hated her and felt she was bad for him. And this was the proof they were right.

My little sister lives in a bizarre world where everyone is wrong and she is right. And even if she admits she’s wrong on that rare occasion, she doesn’t care. Since the passing of her husband last April, she has grown more and more odd in her parenting skills and her perspective on life itself.

So, I’m not a physiologist, but I am a Monday Morning Quarterback, so her goes. My younger sister is crazy. I don’t see how she manages to live inside the tiny stage she’s created in her mind. She see’s herself here as the victim. My mom, my brother, my sister, my stepdad, my step siblings, their spouses and me are all wrong about her.

It is we who refuse to move on with our lives, it is her children who are poising the well against her, it is my mothers and older sisters fault that she is in the position she is currently in -need we remind her again, that all of this started 20 plus years ago when she abandoned the family for the older man who said he loved her.

Now, nephew is living with my older brother. And on Sunday, niece was staying at her aunt and uncles house, close to where my brother and his wife live. Apparently, younger sister called my step-sister looking for her daughter (young sis had been out with her boy toy) to take her out to breakfast). Step-sis asked her if she was actually going to spend time with her daughter, or just have breakfast with her, then drop her off at home and head over to boy toy Mike’s house to get their freak on? Apparently, my little sister made some rude comment and told step-sis that K could stay with them, and hung up.

As of today, I think now that both my niece and nephew are at my brothers. The niece is still at home, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

This tale is far from over.

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