19 February 2007

All Star Game, Vegas and Whores

Las Vegas hosted the NBA All Star Game.

It brought in $47 non-gambling dollars to the city, but the people that came trashed the place.

It was reported that well over 350 arrests were made and a shooting at the MGM Grand.

Walking the Strip yesterday, you could not help but notice there were people who don't or wouldn't normally come to Sin City. Even I felt out of place, but anyways.

Beyond the usual homeless and hookers (maybe some out-of-town hookers came also) there were tons of gangs. And while everyone kept a tone of respect, it felt things could trip rather easily.

Add on the horrible traffic with people blasting bad music from the rolled down windows, anyone who does not live in a racially mixed city, could be intimidated by these people.

The thing was, since Vegas is close by to LA (from LaVenre, its 235 miles -about 3 1/2 hours away) that many people just came for the festive atmosphere -cause most people cannot afford the tickets to the game. The gangs that came were probably from the LA basin.

But I'm sure while the police will say different, for many owners of the casino's and other stores, the All Star Game was a boom.

But I'm sure it scared regular folks.

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