26 July 2007

Heroes Sylar actor Quinto to play young Spock in Trek XI

As a Star Trek fan, this weekends Comic Con in San Diego is going to very interesting.

With filming scheduled to begin in October or November on Star Trek XI, director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that Heroes bad guy Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto, will be young Spock. Also, Leonard Nimoy will return as Spock in the film, also, saying the reason he signed on was "We have a great director, a wonderful script, and a wonderful young actor playing Spock, so ... it was logical."

But that's all that has been announced. Abrams says that they are still trying to find a part for William Shatner to return as Kirk, but nothing has developed.

While I still believe going back to the early days of Kirk and Co. somewhat of a mistake, I like Abrams and believe he has the best interest of both the franchise and the fans. But the casting of Quinto seems to me a good choice. He certainly has the look to pull off a young Leonard Nimoy.

With the actors casting, this will mean a schedule change for the actor on his TV gig as the evil Sylar. Series creator Tim Kring said a few days ago -when Quinto's casting was a just a rumor - that he'll be working around the actors filming schedule.

Paramount has this Star Trek film already set for Christmas Day, 2008.

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