25 July 2007

More on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

With a good night sleep and a day of work (and a bike ride) behind me, I have more thoughts on the final Harry Potter book.

The 19 years later still bothers me a bit. In one sense, if you are going to do a Where Are They Now, why not give more information. Harry needs to live a mundane, Muggle life and die a natural death for everything to work. What has he done for those last 19 years? Did he become a dentist, an accountant, the Prime Minister (and is anyone else creeped out by Harry and Ginny's marriage? With Harry so close to the Weasley's and with Mrs. Weasley calling Harry another son, his and Ginny's marriage seems almost incestuous)?

Same with Ron and Hermione -what exactly have they been doing (beyond Ron passing his drivers license at the age of 36)?

Why is Tonks and Lupin's kid Teddy doing on the Hogwarts train. He should be 19, yet all the students graduate at the age of 17.

And speaking of Lupin and Tonks, their deaths seemed silly, almost tacked on. Rowling mentioned that she long ago wrote the last chapter before she begun Deathly Hallows. She mentioned two characters that survived, now died, while one that had died, now survived.

Was Tonks and Lupin the two that survived first, only to die later?

And back to the last chapter. Who is the Headmaster at Hogworts? While Neville is a professor there, who's in charge?

Maybe, as Kenny suggested, Rowling might be considering these "minor" characters as a basis for a new series. But, as I mentioned in my last post, I personally hope she ventures somewhere else.

I'm just bothered by some of these things.

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Dave said...

I guess I saw their deaths as more of what war is about. No time for grief, no time to get the play-by-play, just go out and fight some more.

I too wish there had been a bit more in the end - what' Harry's job? What's everyone up to besides having kids?

I really did like the book though...