31 July 2007

Movie: Race You to the Bottom

Trailers can sometimes be misleading. What looks cool on the movie screens, the bits and pieces that are sewn together, can be awful when they're pieced altogether. So can, it seems, when segments pop-up on Youtube.

Take, for example, Race You to the Bottom. A few months ago, a segment of the film was floating around Youtube. In the scene, it had actor Cole Williams -who is, apparently, the son of singer Paul Williams - playing a bisexual guy who convinces a friend (played by hunky Smallville actor Justin Hartley) to let him give him a hand-job. It was, a bit hot and sexy.

The film is out now on DVD, so I Netflix'ed it. Then I found out how boring it really is.

The premise of the film is that Williams plays a travel writer, who takes college friend Maggie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Amber Benson) with him on a trip to Napa Valley. The problem is, these two are having an affiar -despite both having boyfriends.

I guess the filmmakers goal was to say that it's okay to be self-centered and egotistical during these ages -somewhere in their 20's I think. But, like the cast of ER these days, they're unappealing and annoying. Plus, Williams is never, ever believable as a bisexual. Or, an actor. And therein lies the problem with the film.

So, I was misled by that Youtube scene. It was the only interesting thing in the movie.

Amber Benson is the best part of the film, and sadly, that's not saying much.

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