27 September 2007

Bionic Woman and Reaper

I watched the Bionic Woman last night.

And I spent most of today trying to figure out what bothered me about it. Then I realized that the show looked like it had been longer, and then cut to fit the timeslot. It seems they cut all the character development out, and just kept the set pieces and the tons of exposition, which confused me a lot.

And while "pilots" have a tendency to drop so much plot to set up the rest of the series, here it becomes a huge problem as too much is given, forcing me to cry foul. And while I love Katee Sackoff on Battlestar Galactica as Starbuck -because she's three dimensional - here she comes off more as Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2; mean and dumb.

The ending was choppy, with way too many close-ups during the fight between the first bionic woman and her replacement. It was just confusing as a hell to see what was going on.

I'm hoping in future episodes they'll explain how Sarah Corvus (Sackoff) survived being shot by her then boyfriend Jae Kim (played by WillYun Lee) and why she went rogue (beyond the bionic do-hickeys driving her crazy).

Michelle Ryan is going to take a while to get used to, as she is forced to spout dialogue such as "I'll bury one guy after the next," which is pretty horrible in her delivery, and you never believe her for a moment that she even believed it, plus just bad writing.

Miguel Ferrer, late of Crossing Jordan, plays a goverment "baddie." Molly Rice returns to TV, thinner and with blond hair, a few years after Third Watch was canned.

It wasn't bad, and has potential, but its success should not be built around Ryan acting so tough - it just does not suit her.


Meanwhile, Tuesday brought the CW's Reaper, which is a clever and laugh out-loud show. Something, you may or may not know, the network that was The WB and UPN were never known for.

It mixes goofy comedy with believable action. Bret Harrison, last seen on FOX's very underrated and little seen The Loop, plays a slacker who through no fault of his own discovers on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil.

And the devil is played with devious, delicious delight by Ray Wise -Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks - in what amounts to a brillant piece of casting.

Now young Sam must retreat escapee's from hell (because its overcrowded; "I blame myself", muses the Devil) and drop them off in locations that are described as "hell on Earth", such as the DMV.

Its fun and the cast seems to be enjoying the silliness.


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Dave said...

I missed the pilot, but caught the second episode of Bionic Woman and had similar problems as you. It seemed really choppy - they wrapped up the naughty terrorist plot really quickly at the end. So the main point of the story was to get Jaimie to work with the OSI or whatever - why even bother with an elaborate terrorist group and a convoluted plot to spread poison gas? Way too many plot holes and "coincidences" for me (and how did they drive from LA to northern Idaho in a few hours? And who knew North Idaho looked so much like a set from MASH?). I'll give it a few more tries, but I'm not hopeful.