14 September 2007

Tears for Spears

I guess I knew, deep down, that YouTube bitch boy Chris Crocker was some how going to parlay his semi-fake rant about Britney Spears bizarre performance at the VMA’s last week into a possible reality series. At least that’s his hope, now that this video has become hugely popular. Still, what I can’t get past is how much Spears should be afraid of this shrill queen. The first time I saw this, however, I had a strange feeling he was auditioning for the remake of "Misery", with him cast as the psychotic #1 fan Annie Wilkes.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this androgynous looking, hyper active, Britney Spears loving twit is hoping that this one rant will net him a career in Hollywood. He’s 19, and living with his grandparents -which is a sure sign that he comes from white trash country. And his grandparents must be enabling him, as he’s unemployed -another sign. And he claims he’s an “aspiring actor and comedian.”

Bingo. The wannabe star has won the White Trash Award. Rod Roddy, tells what he’s won.

I suppose as talent less as Spears is, Crocker will land a reality series -probably either at gay friendly Bravo or MTV -both cable networks that are bound and determined to prove they can produce more banal crap than the entire FOX News Network and The Golf Channel combined.

I mean, you don’t have to have any talent to be in the entertainment industry. Or as Nicole Kidman said it best in “To Die For” as social climber Suzanne Stone Maretto “You aren't really anybody in America if you're not on TV.”

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