05 September 2007

Larry Craig's big problem

So, let I play Devil’s Advocate here.

What if all this Larry Craig stuff was just a huge misunderstanding? What if the police got it all wrong?

Hey, I still think he was an idiot to copping to a plea -especially if he did not do what was said accused of doing- and expect it to go away. Every time Lindsey Lohan takes a shit, Billy Bush is there to report it, so the man was nutter to think this was going to stay hidden.

While I’m all for getting rid of the hypocrites within both parties, I think the Republican party hung this guy out to dry before every thing could be sorted. Jebus, Phil Spector has been on trail for 18 years now because everything has been sifted through like flour for a cake.

Arlen Specter has a point: that if he did nothing wrong, he should force the police to prove their case. Resigning still might have to happen -whether he’s found guilty or innocent in a trail or what ever they come up with. His career is damaged, and odds are he’ll lose the election in 2008.

And that won’t be because of the Democrats, it will be people within his own party.

And I’m not blind to his past -that whole page incident from the 1980's. I just wonder if we’ve all decided that he’s guilty because he’s a conservative, family values senator. Not might like him because of that, but it does not make him guilty of touching feet in an airport bathroom (which is just ewww, BTW).

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