07 October 2007

Bionic Woman continues not to thrill

I really want to like Bionic Woman.

But after two very uneven episodes, I'm at a loss to explain why I should. First off, the death of Will, Jamie's boyfriend. In the pilot he's shot by Sarah, and it looks like it's a shoulder hit. In episode two, we're at his funeral. My roommate turned to me and asked who's funeral we're at. I said at first I did not know, considering it did not look like Will took a life ending bullet. But, alas, it's his funeral -and I'm beginging to suspect mine also.

I guess, between the pilot and the filming of this episode, Will was taken out for "dramatic" reasons. The the whole plot with the posion was odd, and looked something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We're told that they have these dozen plus trucks ready to travel all over America, yet when they attack this warehouse, it looks like a half-dozen people are part of this terrorist cell. Not impressed on how easily it was solved. Plus, there is a few continuity issues that I for some reason always catch. 1). While Jamie is wandering through the "dead" town with the girl, they do a wide crane shot pulling up. In the distance you can see a truck coming down the street. The cut to a medium close-up of Jamie and the girl, then back to the crane shot. The truck is gone.

2). After fighting the bad guy, that said bad guy crumples to the ground, sort of coming to rest on his face and stomach. When Ruth arrives to get them out, they cut to the shot of the bad guy, and now he's on his back. Bad editing.

And after two episodes, it looks increasingly like Michelle Ryan was the wrong choice for Jamie Sommers. Everytime Katee Sackhoff is on the screen, she steals the show away from her. To me, Sackhoff should've been cast in this role. But, of course, she's attached to Battlestar Galactica for its last season.

Miguel Ferrer's increasingly annoying Jonas Bledsoe has become the anchor this show is hooked on. Maybe it's Ferrer or maybe it's the stale writing, but he makes the character unappealing and stupid. Same goes for Molly Price's Ruth, who seems to be an ass kisser looking for an ass. Lucy Hale's role as the spoiled teen sister seems to be the only truthful role here, and even I find it annoying, because after awhile -much like my real niece - it becomes boring to listen to her blabber on about how her life is ruined. All is not lost though, as Isaiah Washington delivers a fine performance, perhaps he should be Jamie's boss?

I'm not through with the show yet, but I will admit if the show continues down this road of pedantic story telling and sloppy editing, then I will pass on it.

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Margie said...

I am pretty sure Will is not dead yet, although I wish he was because I do not like that actor in that role AT ALL. But based on even brief info on the show, we are going to see him again.