21 October 2007

The Canyon Fire 2007

The fire season has begun.

The Santa Anna winds began to blow early this morning, and around 5 am this morning, winds blew some power lines down, that started a brush fire that quickly spread as the winds were clocked at 50 plus mile an hour. Whittier Peak recorded a gust of 108 -hurricane style winds.

Plus, the temps are on the upswing, while the humidity are hitting big time lows. The heat will be with us until at least Thursday. LA's normal temp during this time is 79. It could be in the 90's today and the rest of the working week. The valley's and the IE could see temps in the 100's by Tuesday -record breaking to be sure.

Sitting here, in my house there is no wind, but I live on the edge of the San Gabriel Valley, thus we are not in a narrow area where the wind blows. It's going to get hot, but there is no danger of fire.

The biggest problem with Malibu fire now is that because of the wind -the way it's blowing with some area's reporting 85 MPH gust - is causing the fires to jump around, with the firefighters not able to keep up with them. Malibu is only a mile wide, and six miles long, and so you can guess at the problems these firefigthers are having with the fire. Hills and valleys, one lane roads create problems in fighting this current fire. Adding the swirling winds and you have a huge problem.

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