23 October 2007

Fire in SolCal

I may not be near any fire, but the air is just full of bad stuff. The sun is up, but covered by smoke. It reminds me of the old western tin types from the 1800's.

And everytime I lick my lips, I feel like I'm taking in chalk. My nose is dry, as I enhale the stale air it tickles. Just nasty.

The fire that is burning in San Bernadino hills -click here- near where the 15 and 215 intersect (Lake Arrowhead and Green Valley Lake) has grown and the smoke, blown by the westerly winds, is now covering my area. Even the hills north of me are now shrouded in gray smoke, only they where clear this morning when I left for work at 5:30am.

There was a two fires in Ontario, but they've been contained.

But tragically, the Harris and Witch Fire in San Diego have merged now covering 12 square miles, has forced close to half a million people to be evacuated. 2 people have been killed and that fire was arson.

This has also effected my work, as at least 1 employee could not get out of the area in San Bernardino. Plus, the mall is nearly dead and we've not made plan. Every Sunday, we are always over plan, but this past we almost made it. I'm unsure how this will work, when the company asks us to cut hours.

Thankfully, the winds have died, and beginning Thursday, on on shore flow begins, which will bring temps down to normal, plus bring up the relative humidity up. There is light now at the end of this dark tunnel. But the cost may be more than anyone can afford.

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